Notice 2015-DRS001

Information related to the application of the requirements associated to Nerve Stimulation (NS)

The NS related requirements in RSS-102 are not coming into force as of the date of the publication of Issue 5. Industry Canada understands that this is a new type of requirement where standardized measurement procedures need to be established to allow the industry to properly demonstrate compliance.

Industry Canada is hereby notifying the industry that the following NS requirements are not in force until further notice:

  • Section 4, Table 2, Internal Electrical Field Strength Basic Restrictions (3 kHz – 10 MHz)
  • Section 4, Table 4, RF field Strength Limits for Devices Used by the General Public between 0.003 and 10 MHz with an instantaneous reference period.
  • Section 4, Table 6, RF field Strength Limits for Controlled Use Devices between 0.003 and 10 MHz with an instantaneous reference period

Industry Canada is developing a set of acceptable procedures to demonstrate compliance to the NS requirements above and is seeking feedback from the industry to this effect. Feedback should be sent to the Certification and Engineering Bureau (CEB)

Once acceptable measurement procedures for the NS requirements become available,currently planned for early 2016, a notice will be issued to put in force the NS requirements at which time certification bodies should immediately use these to verify compliance.

At that point, devices already certified that are manufactured, imported or sold in Canada will have to be in compliance with all the requirements outlined in RSS-102, including the ones above — no matter when they were originally certified — 180 days after the publication of the notice about the acceptable NS measurement procedures. Industry will be required to signify compliance with NS requirements of RSS-102 to Industry Canada through an attestation. Industry Canada will send a request for attestation of conformity to potentially impacted stakeholders in due course.

In the interim, parties that can immediately demonstrate compliance to the above requirements, if applicable, may provide their measurement procedures and results to Industry Canada Certification and Engineering Bureau for consideration. A confirmation of acceptability prior to continuing with their on-going certification process may be considered.

For any feedback or further information, please contact the CEB