Canada's Clean Growth Hub: Video

Transcription — Canada's Clean Growth Hub: Video


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Clean technologies are critical to our future.

[Illustrations of buildings, windmills, people and an electric vehicle. Illustration transitions to a globe of the Earth with a pin on Canada]

They help protect the environment, create high-paying jobs and make Canada more competitive globally.

[Graphic of the innovation spectrum showing the progression from research, pilot, scale, export and adoption]

There are many government programs and services available to help bring clean technology innovations to market, depending on the stage they're in.

[Illustration of a person walking on a tightrope]

However, many Canadian clean technology firms are small and may have difficulty in seizing those opportunities.

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Canada's Clean Growth Hub serves as a one-stop shop for information about the various government programs and services dedicated to clean technologies.

[Quote from Client "There's a reason that every trip to Ottawa begins with a meeting at the Hub – by bringing all of the relevant parties together the Hub enables CE to do in one meeting what would otherwise take a week of meetings." Geoffrey Holmes, Director of Business Development, Carbon Engineering]

[Quote from Client "The Hub is an excellent federal government initiative that is very useful for clean technology startups such as ours." Sylvain Bertrand, CEO, Airex Energy]

We listen to our clients in real time, engage experts and provide timely, tailored advice.

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To learn more about how the Clean Growth Hub can be of service to you, visit our website and connect with a representative today.

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