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Expanding ECCC’s Net-Zero Challenge eligibility to local governments and public entities

The Net-Zero Challenge is a voluntary initiative that encourages businesses to develop and implement credible and effective plans to transition their facilities and operations to net-zero emissions by 2050. The Net-Zero Challenge is in the process of expanding its participant eligibility to include local governments such as municipalities, regional governments and Indigenous governments, as well as public entities such as museums, crown corporations, and transportation authorities. More information on this new development is to come.

Sustainable Protein Production Program call for proposals on accelerating the development of emerging technologies for the Canadian plant protein sector

This call for proposals will help facilitate the development of new technologies and processes that can result in more sustainable practices in the production, processing and manufacturing of plant protein in Canada. This call focuses on both emerging technologies as well as those in early-stage development and that offer novel or cutting-edge solutions to technology gaps and improve the quality and utility of the protein obtained from plant-based sources. Priority will be given to projects that challenge the status quo with novel, innovative and potentially disruptive solutions for improving Canada's position as a global leader in supplying sustainable plant protein and plant protein-based products to domestic and international markets.

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) will collaborate with industrial partners and provide funding for the partner to:

  • generate preliminary experimental data for nascent technologies still at the conceptual stage,
  • carry out prototyping and proof-of-function studies for concepts at technology readiness levels 1, 2 or 3, or
  • conduct feasibility assessments for targeted applications.

Funding is disbursed by the NRC's National Program Office under the terms and conditions of the Collaborative Science, Technology and Innovation program (CSTIP). The CSTIP expects to make a total of $600,000 available to support projects under this call for proposals, with up to $100,000 per year to be awarded per successful project for a maximum of 2 years.

Greener Neighbourhoods Pilot Program

The Government of Canada is investing $35.5M over five years, starting in 2022-23, for Natural Resources Canada to implement a Greener Neighbourhoods Pilot Program (GNPP) that aims to validate the benefits and business cases of aggregated deep energy retrofit approaches in up to six community housing neighbourhoods across Canada.

The GNPP focuses on clusters of low-rise housing and seeks to pilot the Energiesprong aggregated retrofit model in the Canadian market. This model, developed by the Netherlands and adopted by the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the United States, accelerates the pace and scale of retrofits by aggregating similar homes and buildings in an entire neighbourhood to create mass demand for deep energy retrofits.

The GNPP will pilot the Energiesprong model in Canada through two different calls for proposals. The first call is now open for proposals and will support up to six Market Development Teams in developing regional roadmaps to enable aggregated deep energy retrofits in the Canadian market, and promoting the development of Energiesprong-inspired deep energy retrofit projects in communities across the country.

Natural Resources Canada Open Requests for Information

Regulations and Grid Modernization: NRCan is seeking input regarding the regulatory, policy and market barriers and opportunities for accelerating the pace of electrification and electricity grid modernization. This is part of NRCan's Innovation and Electricity Regulation Initiative, which aims to enhance Federal Programming to address stakeholder needs in the complex regulatory environment related to grid modernization and electrification.

Infrastructure for Sustainable Transportation Systems: Decarbonizing the transportation sector is crucial to meeting Canada's plan to be net-zero by 2050, as transportation accounts for 25% of Canada's greenhouse emissions. This Request for Information (RFI) seeks written feedback from stakeholders to help NRCan better understand the current challenges and opportunities Canadians face in decarbonizing the transportation sector, with particular interest in infrastructure innovation to enable sustainable transportation systems. Responses may help shape the scope of future transportation-related funding opportunities and be shared with other federal departments.

Green Industrial Facilities and Manufacturing Program

Natural Resources Canada has launched the Green Industrial Facilities and Manufacturing Program (GIFMP). The program will provide up to $20 million per proposal in financial assistance for industrial facilities to help them maximize energy efficiency and reduce emissions in their operations.

The GIFMP will support activities like energy assessments and audits, training for energy management practitioners and capital investments such as modifications or upgrades to facility energy systems, processes and infrastructure. The program will offer cost-shared financial assistance to support industrial energy efficiency in two tracks.

Track 1 - Energy Efficiency Solutions is directed to provinces, territories, utilities and other recipients including established industrial networks.

Track 2 - Industrial Facilities will directly support industry in implementing energy efficiency projects within individual facilities. This track, focused on filling support gaps across Canada, will be launched later in 2023.

Deep Retrofit Accelerator Initiative

The $200-million Deep Retrofit Accelerator Initiative (DRAI) will invest in projects that support the development of deep retrofits in commercial, institutional or mid- or high-rise multi-unit residential buildings across Canada.

Selected projects will establish and collect deep retrofit projects, guide building owners in the process of developing and implementing specific retrofit projects, identify available funding and financing for specific deep retrofit projects, and conduct capacity building activities, such as developing or implementing new, standardized or replicable methods for deep retrofits.

This call for applications is open to organizations including nonprofits, private firms, civil society, municipalities, provinces and territories, and Indigenous organizations and groups.

  • Deadline to submit an application: April 28, 2023
  • Deadline for Indigenous organizations to submit an application: March 31, 2025, or until funding is fully distributed.
  • Learn more about DRAI

Energy Innovation Program - Carbon capture, utilization and storage RD&D Call – Storage & Transportation Focus Area

Natural Resources Canada has opened the intake for expressions of interest for carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) research, development and demonstration (RD&D) projects and related science activities focused on carbon storage and transportation. CCUS technologies help prevent gasses from heavy emitting industries from polluting the air. This results in lower emissions and more good, sustainable jobs.

Funded under the Energy Innovation Program, RD&D projects and related science activities selected through this intake will help develop permanent geological storage of carbon and technologies that support the safe and efficient transportation of CO2.

The intake is also expected to support planning and development activities for CO2 storage and transportation hubs — addressing technical, scientific or social licence barriers and generating knowledge to support the development of regulatory frameworks, codes and standards. Successful applicants can receive up to $10M in funding

Natural Resources Canada Launches Call for Proposals for the Delivery of the Codes Acceleration Fund

Natural Resources Canada has launched a call for proposals for the Codes Acceleration Fund. The fund will support provinces, territories, municipalities, Indigenous governments and stakeholders in adopting and enforcing the codes needed to fight climate change and improve resiliency.

The Codes Acceleration Fund will support actions that will help to urgently accelerate the adoption of and compliance with the higher-performance tiers set out in the 2020 edition of the National Building Code, National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings or other high-performance codes, including net-zero emissions codes.

The Codes Acceleration Fund has three objectives:

  • to accelerate the adoption and implementation of the highest feasible energy-performance tiers of the national model energy codes or other high-performance building codes, such as net-zero emissions codes;
  • to promote higher rates of compliance with adopted codes; and
  • to build capacity and support market preparedness for ambitious code adoption.

A total of $100 million is available and will cover two streams:

  • Stream 1: Support for jurisdictions that have the authority to adopt energy codes.
  • Stream 2: Support for organizations that do not have the authority to adopt energy codes, but play an important role in accelerating their adoption.

Through the Codes Acceleration Fund, the federal government is committed to supporting the timely adoption of these codes in line with Canada’s ambitious emissions-reduction targets.

More news

Upcoming clean tech events


World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit

This event brings together businesses, innovators, investors and experts from the agri-food community to think about the challenges in agriculture and food in new and innovative ways. The hybrid summit gathers a global audience of 2000 for a unique, two-day event aimed at moving transformational agricultural technologies out of the lab and into the field. Focused on innovation at the nexus of climate-water-energy and food, expert panels will analyze the potential of next generation crop protection and crop nutrition, robotics, precision ag and the convergence of satellites, sensors, and agri-finance in the transition to climate-smart farming. This year’s Summit will feature a dedicated Start-up Arena to give the floor to more founders and promising young companies who are rethinking the future of agriculture.

  • When: March 14 and 15, 2023
  • Where: San Francisco, CA

Americana 2023

Americana is the leading multi-sector event in North America. It is a prime meeting place for environmental professionals to discuss technical, scientific and business topics regarding key issues in the environmental sector. Americana is a biennial event organized since 1995 by Réseau Environnement, the largest network of environmental experts in the province of Quebec. Attendees can expect more than 100 conference, workshops and activities, 150 exhibitors and 7,000 participants from over twenty countries to network with.

  • When: March 20 to 22, 2023
  • Where: Montreal, QC

International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum

The International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum (IPF) is the premier offshore wind energy conference in the Americas. Hosted by the Business Network for Offshore Wind, IPF connects global leaders and businesses in the supply chain, offers unparalleled networking opportunities, and delivers the most timely and relevant updates on the industry, from technology and policy, to safety and siting. The event features plenary presentations and cutting-edge workshops from public officials and industry leaders, and offers registrants a wide array of networking opportunities to grow their business.

  • When: March 28 to 30, 2023
  • Where: Baltimore, MD


CanREA Operations Summit 2023

This two-day hybrid wind, solar and energy storage operations event features expert speakers, innovative forums and specialized sessions addressing highly technical operations topics and complex human factors affecting Canada's energy transition.

  • When: April 4 and 5, 2023
  • Where: Toronto, ON

RNG Forum 2023

This Forum, dedicated to the renewable natural gas (RNG) industry in Canada, offers participants a wide variety of conferences and networking activities to exchange, reacquaint or discover newly available technologies on the market, in addition to the exhibition hall. The RNG Forum 2023 seeks to accelerate the sharing of knowledge and the generation of business opportunities to increase the quantity of RNG produced in Canada and all over the world.

  • When: April 4 to 6, 2023
  • Where: Drummondville, QC

Smart Energy Event 2023

This conference brings together experts, innovators and disruptors from across the globe to network and exchange ideas with municipalities, utilities, energy providers, energy experts, service providers, commercial consumers, academics and policy makers from the smart, clean and renewable sectors. Smart Energy focuses on timely actions for decarbonizing communities and ultimately achieving net zero targets. Experts will discuss emerging innovations in hydrogen, energy storage, EVs, CCUS, SMR's, transportation, electrification and renewables and how these technologies will change how utilities, municipalities, policy-makers, integrators, corporations, governments, researchers and consumers collaborate to reach an inclusive transition to net-zero.

  • When: April 17 and 18, 2023
  • Where: Halifax, NS

FNMPC Values Driven Economy Conference (TVDE)

TVDE presents a unique format that will showcase four model Indigenous-industry deals across different sectors from around the world. The conference aims to turn the global energy challenge into the greatest opportunity for Canada and the US by focusing on topic discussions that are top of mind for leading Indigenous, industry, and regulatory experts in the energy transition space.

  • When: April 24 and 25, 2023
  • Where: Vancouver, BC

Canadian Hydrogen Convention

The Canadian Hydrogen Convention positions Canada as a global hydrogen superpower and demonstrates the country's leadership in hydrogen. This event will bring the entire Canadian supply chain together to discuss innovations and solutions for low-carbon hydrogen production, energy infrastructure, storage and the path forward as Canada works towards net zero by 2050.

  • When: April 25 to 27, 2023
  • Where: Edmonton, AB


hy-fcell Canada

hy-fcell Canada brings together international specialists to discuss solutions for clean energy with hydrogen and fuel cells. The event provides participants from across the hydrogen and fuel cell industry a two-day interactive conference program and international exhibition as well as a full day of technology tours.

  • When: June 5 to 7, 2023
  • Where: Vancouver, BC

Global Energy Show 2023

The Global Energy Show is the largest B2B exhibition and conference engaging with industry buyers and sellers, stakeholders and partners, CEOs and young professionals together to share knowledge and fuel innovation in the ever-changing energy landscape. The event is open to all energy systems, including oil sands, hydrogen, wind, solar, petrochemicals, gas and LNG, electrification and nuclear. As no single source of energy can meet the increased global energy demand, the Global Energy Show is where Canada demonstrates its vision and leadership by bringing the right people together to meet global challenges with real-world solutions.

  • When: June 13 to 15, 2023
  • Where: Calgary, AB

Recurring events

Doing Business with the Government of Canada webinars

Procurement Assistance Canada offers free seminars to businesses interested in learning about the federal procurement process and how to sell goods and services to the Government of Canada.

  • When: Multiple times each month

Training on Impact Assessment

The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada provides free training to inform the public about impact assessments and meeting obligations under the Impact Assessment Act.

  • When: Multiple times throughout the year

Canadian IP Voices

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office has a podcast series, "Canadian IP Voices," to help you learn about the fundamentals of intellectual property (IP) and how you can use IP to protect your creations, ideas and products. These podcasts feature interviews and real-life stories with guests who demystify how IP works.

  • When: Multiple times throughout the year

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