Collusion risk assessment tool for procurement agents

Planning a call for bids? Launch the Collusion Risk Assessment Tool to gain an early warning about potential risks of bid-rigging, as well as mitigation strategies you can take to minimize those risks and help ensure a fair, competitive procurement process.

The tool is a free, interactive online resource available to both public and private sector procurement officers and purchasing agents. It can be used as part of day-to-day due diligence efforts to protect and promote competitive bidding processes.

The tool can be used anonymously and no information provided will be shared outside the Competition Bureau.

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How it works

Step 1: Fill out a 10-minute questionnaire about a call for bids that you are planning. You can choose to remain anonymous, or to provide contact information for a potential follow-up with Competition Bureau officers.

Step 2: The tool will produce a collusion risk score based on the specifics of your project, as well as tailored best practices to mitigate those risks.

Step 3: Take into account the suggested best practices to minimize the potential risks of bid-rigging as you prepare your procurement process.

Optional Step 4: Help us improve the tool! Fill out our online feedback form.

Training for public procurement professionals

The Competition Bureau also offers free information sessions to public service procurement officers at all levels of government to help them recognize and prevent bid-rigging. Use our online form to request a session for you or your team.

Reporting suspected wrongdoing

To report suspected cheating in federal government contracts, please use the online tip form.

To report any other type of suspected collusion, please use the Competition Bureau’s online complaint form.

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