Protection for whistleblowers

A whistleblower is a person who voluntarily provides information to the Competition Bureau about a possible past, present, or future violation of the Competition Act.

If you believe that a person or business has committed (or intends to commit) a criminal offence under the Competition Act, we encourage you to notify us and provide information about what you know. We will keep your identity confidential throughout the investigation.

Keeping your identity confidential

The Competition Act includes specific provisions for protecting the identity of a whistleblower. Under the Competition Act, once the Bureau has provided an assurance of confidentiality to a whistleblower, the individual's identity cannot be revealed without the individual's consent.

You can decide how much personal information to provide; however, if you don't provide your name and certain other information, it may be impossible for us to respond to your request or provide you with the whistleblower protections that exist under the Competition Act.

The process

If you have information or evidence that someone has committed or intends to commit a criminal offence under the Competition Act, you may provide the details to the Competition Bureau. We will keep your identity confidential.

The information that you provide about the possible criminal offence will only be shared under four limited circumstances:

  • to inform a Canadian law enforcement agency
  • to administer or enforce the Competition Act
  • to share information that has already been made public
  • to communicate information that you agree can be shared.

In these circumstances, however, we will ensure your identity is not revealed.

The investigation

Your information will be examined to determine whether it warrants further inquiry. All inquiries are conducted in private according to the strict confidentiality requirements under the Competition Act.

During this stage, we have many tools at our disposal to determine the facts. For example, if we have sufficient information, we may apply to the court for authorization to search premises, seize records, question witnesses under oath, and intercept private communications.

Your protection

Under the Competition Act, your employer cannot dismiss, suspend, demote, discipline, harass, or otherwise disadvantage you, or deny you a benefit of employment because you provided information under the whistleblowing program that was given in good faith and that you reasonably believe to be true.

Whistleblowers are also protected by other laws, including the Criminal Code, that make it an offence for an employer to take disciplinary measures, or to threaten to do so, because the employee has provided or will provide information to someone who enforces federal law.

How to contact us

To provide information as a whistleblower, contact the Competition Bureau:

  • Call us and press "0" to speak to an officer:
  • 18003485358
  • TDD (for the hearing impaired): 18666948389

Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern time.

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