Tips for searching

What is searched

  • The search will query all CA Identification Numbers that have been "issued" or "cancelled" by the Competition Bureau.
  • A maximum of 100 records will be returned from a search.
  • You can search for a CA Identification Number (it must be a five digit number).
  • You can search for a company name.
  • You can search for all CA Identification Numbers from a selected province (a maximum of 100 records will be returned).
  • You can search for a combination of a company name and a province.
  • If you enter a CA Identification Number, then you do not need to enter a company name and/or province.

Search syntax

  • When entering a company name, you can only search for ONE company name at a time. You cannot use boolean operators such as "AND" to search for more than one company. For example: if you enter "Company A and Company B" you will NOT have any results.
  • Putting your text in quotation marks is not necessary. For example: "123 Company Ltd." will return the same results as 123 Company Ltd. (without the quotes).
  • Wildcards (such as using an asterisk), will NOT work to search for word variances. For example: Company* will NOT have any results. If you do not know the full spelling of a company name, then just type in partial text. The search looks for partial words. For example, entering "123 Company" will return "123 Company" and "123 Company Ltd.".