Potential for immunity: Incentives for ending participation in illegal activity

The Immunity program offers immunity from prosecution to someone willing to terminate their participation in serious criminal activity under the Competition Act and provides significant cooperation to an investigation. It is an extraordinary grant by the Crown.

The program is administered jointly by the Competition Bureau and the Public Prosecution Service of Canada (PPSC), which is responsible for prosecuting federal offences.

Under the Immunity program, someone may receive immunity from prosecution if they are the first party that informs the Bureau about anti-competitive and unlawful activities, or provides evidence that results in the case being referred to the PPSC.

If you have engaged in a deceptive marketing practice prohibited under the criminal provisions of the Competition Act, you are encouraged to come forward, share what you know, and fully cooperate throughout the investigation and any subsequent prosecution. If you meet the requirements of the immunity program, we will recommend that the Director of Public Prosecutions of Canada provide you with immunity from prosecution. You should also seek legal advice.


The Immunity program applies only to offences under sections 45 to 49 (cartel offences such as fixing prices and rigging bids) and sections 52 through 55.1 (deceptive marketing offences) of the Competition Act.

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