Agreements with domestic partners

The following table lists the various memoranda of understanding and other cooperation agreements the Bureau has in place with domestic partners that also have an interest in promoting competition and fair marketplaces. These organizations include trade associations, regulatory bodies, and federal and provincial departments and agencies.

Agreements with domestic partners
Partner Organization Cooperative Framework Document Date Hidden Search Terms
Health Canada Memorandum of understanding November 1, 2023 Health Canada, regulatory advertising, Marketed Health Products Directorate, the Health Product Compliance Directorate, Medical Devices and Clinical Compliance Directorate of Health Canada
Canadian Digital Regulators Forum Terms of Reference June 9, 2023 digital markets, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Competition Bureau Canada, Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, capabilities, research, resources, or employee training opportunities
Ville de Laval Memorandum of understanding February 8, 2021 Ville de Laval, memorandum, cooperation, coordination, information sharing, education and awareness
BC Financial Services Authority Memorandum of understanding April 12, 2021 BC Financial Services Authority, memorandum, partnership, collaboration, cooperation
Government of Yukon Memorandum of understanding November 20, 2019 Government of Yukon, memorandum, competition
Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority of British Columbia Memorandum of understanding January 17, 2018 British Columbia, memorandum, consumer protection
Canadian Intellectual Property Office Memorandum of understanding April 2, 2014 intellectual, property, memorandum, IP
Canadian Radio television and Telecommunications Commission Memorandum of understanding October 22, 2013 CRTC, memorandum, radio, television, telecommunications
Canadian Radio television and Telecommunications Commission Letter of agreement September 23, 2013 CRTC, letter, agreement, radio, television, telecommunications
Competition Tribunal Protocol concerning non-adjudicative interactions between the two organizations June 20, 2017 competition, tribunal, protocol
Defence Construction Canada Memorandum of understanding December 20, 2018 defence, construction, memorandum
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (Investment Review Division) Administrative note on communication between the two organizations April 6, 2018 investment, review, communication, division
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (Spectrum and Telecommunications) Memorandum of understanding April 3, 2018 spectrum, telecommunications, memorandum
Inspector General of Montreal Memorandum of understanding August 22, 2016 Montreal, inspector, general, memorandum
Market Surveillance Administrator of Alberta Memorandum of understanding February 28, 2014 Alberta, market, surveillance, memorandum
Ontario Energy Board Memorandum of understanding December 21, 2018 Ontario, energy, board, memorandum
Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (Market Assessment and Compliance Division) Memorandum of understanding December 21, 2018 Ontario, electricity, independent, memorandum
Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services Memorandum of understanding March 10, 2015 Ontario, consumer, services, memorandum
Ontario Provincial Police Memorandum of understanding July 2, 2015 Ontario, police, memorandum
Ontario Securities Commission Memorandum of understanding November 25, 2014 Ontario, securities, memorandum
Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada Memorandum of understanding regarding anti-spam legislation October 22, 2013 privacy, commissioner, spam
Public Prosecution Service of Canada Memorandum of understanding May 11, 2020 public, prosecutions, memorandum
Public Works and Government Services Memorandum of understanding May 30, 2013 public, works, government, memorandum
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Memorandum of understanding August 4, 2015 police, RCMP, memorandum
Transport Canada (Policy Group) Memorandum of understanding June 13, 2016 transport, policy, memorandum