Canada’s Competition Summit

Canada’s Competition Summit banner.

The Competition Bureau hosts an annual summit that brings together experts to discuss pertinent issues relating to competition in Canada. These summits have focused on:

  • policy approaches to unlock competition in the Canadian economy,
  • the role of competition in the transition to a greener economy,
  • how competitive markets can drive economic growth following the COVID-19 pandemic, and
  • best practices and tools that can be used to enforce competition in the digital era.

Canada’s Competition Summit 2023: Exploring policy approaches to unlock competition

To achieve long-term economic growth and prosperity, many countries around the world have identified the need to integrate competition considerations into all of their regulatory and policy development processes.

To better understand how public policies can drive competition and economic growth, the Competition Bureau hosted Canada’s Competition Summit 2023: Exploring policy approaches to unlock competition on October 5, 2023. Over 500 people attended the event, either in person or virtually, to learn more about unlocking competition in Canada.

To open the day, Canada’s Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, discussed the government’s plans for the future of competition policy. The remainder of the day featured seven sessions where domestic and international experts explored how competition considerations can be factored into policy development across all levels of the Canadian government, along with other relevant topics.

What we heard at Canada’s Competition Summit 2023

The Bureau released a report in December 2023 summarizing five key takeaways identified by participants:

  1. Competition can help bolster the economy and productivity in Canada
  2. Canada has a lot to learn from other countries on developing a whole-of-government approach to competition
  3. With competition becoming a “kitchen-table” issue in Canada, we must seize this opportunity to enact pro-competitive reform
  4. Canadians want and need more pro-competitive programs in order to reap the benefits of competition
  5. It’s essential to identify and publicize competition issues that are important to Canadians

Reports from previous competition summits