Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche emissions case: Vehicles affected (3.0 litre engine)


January 12, 2018

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Generation 1
MakeDiesel ModelYear(s)
VWTouareg2009 to 2012
AudiQ72009 to 2012

Generation 2
MakeDiesel ModelYear(s)
VWTouareg2013 to 2016
AudiA6-A7-A82014 to 2016
AudiA8L2014 to 2015
AudiQ72013 to 2015
AudiQ52014 to 2016
PorscheCayenne2013 to 2016

How many affected 3.0 litre diesel vehicles were sold or leased in Canada?

Approximately 20,000 affected vehicles were sold or leased in the Canadian market until November 2, 2015.

What are the options available?

If approved by the courts, options and benefits available to eligible owners and lessees in possession of Generation 1 vehicles under the terms of the agreement include:

  1. a buyback; or
  2. a trade-in towards a new or used VW/Audi vehicle; or
  3. if approved by U.S. regulators, a free emissions modification with extended emissions warranty, which is a modification to reduce emissions as described in the proposed 3.0 litre class action settlement agreement; or
  4. a lease termination for eligible lessees.

Under each of these options, consumers will receive a payment described as a "damages payment", which is also available to certain former owners and lessees of Generation 1 vehicles.

Eligible owners and lessees in possession of Generation 2 vehicles will receive the U.S. regulator-approved emissions compliant repair with extended emissions warranty free of charge. In addition, current and certain former owners and lessees of the affected vehicles will also receive a "repair payment".

As with any class action settlement, consumers can also opt out. If the settlement is approved, eligible consumers who wish to make a claim for benefits will be provided with instructions for when and how to submit a claim.

How much can consumers expect to get?

Under the proposed settlement, all eligible settlement class members qualify for a payment. The payment amount will depend on various factors, including the model year and make of the eligible vehicle, and whether it is a Generation 1 or Generation 2 vehicle.

Consumers who wish to know more about their eligibility and the benefits made available to class members should contact the claims administrator by visiting or by calling 1‑888‑670‑4773.