Bureau careers: Our vision, mission and values

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Our vision

To be a world-leading competition agency, one that is at the forefront of the digital economy and champions a culture of competition for Canada.

Our mission

To promote and protect competition for the benefit of Canadians, the Bureau will administer and enforce the law with fairness and predictability, to:

  • prevent and deter anti-competitive behaviour and deceptive marketing practices;
  • review mergers to ensure they do not harm competition;
  • empower consumers and businesses; and
  • promote competitive markets across Canada.

Our values

Openness and transparency
We engage with our stakeholders, share information and explain to Canadians and our partners the benefits of competition for consumers, businesses and the Canadian economy.
We work with our partners to advance competition to ensure an efficient marketplace.
Integrity and fairness
We act with integrity, fairness and in the public interest at all times. Our decisions are based on facts, evidence and sound judgement. We are committed, as well, to protecting the confidentiality of sensitive information.
We interact honestly and respectfully with our colleagues, partners and all Canadians, recognizing both their diversity and their individual contributions to healthy competition.
We show leadership through our actions, strategic approach and commitment to continuous innovation.

Equity, diversity and inclusion

We consciously choose to create a diverse, inclusive workplace where all our employees feel included and valued.

Workplace wellbeing

We support a government-wide effort to build a healthy, respectful and supportive work environment and to raise awareness and reducing stigma around mental health at the Bureau.

Official languages

We promote the benefits of embracing our official languages in the workplace.