Bureau careers: What our employees are saying

Sarah Gujarati

When I joined the Bureau, I was concerned that it would be different than what I was learning in the paralegal program because it is a government agency. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to apply the skills I learned in my program to my new job.

I love that the Bureau invests in its people. I started off as an administrative assistant and moved quickly into a paralegal position, with support from great team members and managers.

An unexpected perk of working here is the work-life balance and the workplace culture.

In addition to working with wonderful people, I like the initiatives that the Bureau undertakes on behalf of Canadians. It feels good to work on files that will protect small businesses and consumers from harm.

Ann Minu Jose
Competition Law Officer

I immigrated to Canada from India where I had been working in competition law for over ten years in law firms, the Indian competition law regulator and multinational corporations. When I planned to move to Canada, I was keen to work for the Competition Bureau.

The Bureau’s focus on training from the day I joined made the transition very easy. For the first time, I am working in an organization which is sensitive to and values diversity and inclusion. I am also learning to view my projects through a gender and equality lens.

Everyone at the Bureau is passionate about competition law. The variety of projects I get to work on and the impact it has on Canadians is an added bonus.

Jessica Melo
Competition Law Officer

I work in different sectors, including health, digital and the environment where I am exposed to new ideas and technologies. I am constantly learning. The environment is collaborative and supportive, and I get to meet and work with a wide variety of people, including experts from Canadian and international government agencies.

The Competition Bureau offers flexible work arrangements, including telecommuting and flexible work hours, to help employees achieve a healthy work-life balance. As a mother, work-life balance is important to me and is highly valued and respected at the Bureau.

My advice to future candidates is to be authentic, be yourself! Connect with your values and your passions. That way, you’ll set yourself up for a fulfilling career path in an environment you’ll love.

Evan Rose
Competition Law Officer

I was hired through the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP) and after university, I was given the opportunity to continue my work, first in the Cartels and Deceptive Marketing Practices Branch, then in the Competition Promotion Branch.

Before working here, I didn’t think there was a job that could make me feel satisfied. Collect a cheque and move on. But working at the Bureau makes me feel like I’m Robin to Batman. My efforts have a direct impact on making the world a better place, and that makes me feel amazing. How many people can say that about their job?

Working at the Bureau is aligned with my personal ideals. I love the idea of an enforcement agency that fights for a fairer business environment in Canada and stands up for consumers.

Katerina Velimahitopoulos
Economic Advisor

I joined the Bureau because I wanted to get back into doing competition-related work, which is so interesting and meaningful.

As an economist, I work with teams from different branches and directorates on a variety of enforcement cases and advocacy projects. This allows me to learn about the different industries and sectors in Canada.

As well, the people I get to work with are incredible and talented.

Another benefit of working here is the hybrid work model the Bureau implemented. It helps keep work-life balance and is great for ensuring that I stay connected to my colleagues and teammates.

Also, the view from my cubicle is impressive as it overlooks the Ottawa River – it’s so beautiful any time of the year!