Service standards and fees

The Bureau aims to meet specific service standards. (A service standard is the maximum amount of time that it should take before the Bureau provides a response.) The Bureau has established standards for a number of services, including requests for written opinions and Advance Ruling Certificates and processing of merger notification filings.

Fees and standards vary depending on the type of service being provided and its complexity. The table below provides an overview of our service standards and fees. Note: The fees listed do not include applicable taxes, which will be added to the final total (see Further Reading below for information on how taxes are calculated).

Service Fees and Standards
(Not Including Applicable Taxes)
Service Standard
Merger notification filing or request for an Advance Ruling Certificate
Non-complex$77,452.36Footnote 12 weeks
Complex10 weeks
Very complex5 months
CA Identification Number application
Online application $1005 business days
By mail (with cheque or money order enclosed)20 business days
(includes validation of payment)
Written opinion
Request related to sections 45 to 51 and 79 of the Competition Act
Non-complex$15,0006 weeks
Complex10 weeks
Request related to sections 52, 52.1, 53, 54, 55, 55.1, 74.01(1)(a), 74.01(1)(c), 74.01(2), 74.01(3), 74.02, 74.04, 74.05, and 74.06 of the Competition Act
Non-complex$1,0002 weeks
Complex6 weeks
Written opinion regarding the applicability or interpretation of Part IX of the Competition Act
Non-complex$5,0002 weeks
Complex4 weeks
Written opinion with respect to any other provision of the Competition Act
Non-complex$5,0004 weeks
Complex8 weeks
Per Page$0.25-

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