Advocacy: Promoting the benefits of competition

As Canada’s competition expert, the Bureau works with policymakers across Canada to preserve the vital economic benefits of competition: increased innovation, productivity and economic growth, as well as lower prices and more choices for Canadian consumers and businesses alike.

Regulatory advice and interventions

As much as possible, policymakers should rely on market forces to achieve the benefits of competition. When market forces are insufficient, the Bureau provides advice on how to achieve policy objectives in a minimally intrusive way.

The Bureau’s efforts are often communicated widely through public letters, market studies, or other publications:

Market studies

Market studies allow the Bureau to examine an industry or sector from a competition perspective in order to identify relevant laws, policies, regulations or other factors that may impede competition. Market studies enable the Bureau to take a more holistic approach to analyzing a sector than other forms of advocacy, where the Bureau may be limited to providing advice on discrete issues, such as that relevant to a specific federal or provincial regulatory proceeding. Market studies also advance the Bureau’s knowledge of an industry in advance of anticipated future developments.

The Bureau regularly publishes the progress and results of its market studies:

Why competition matters

Discover how competition drives our economy, helps Canada realize its full economic potential, and benefits consumers through lower prices, greater choice and increased levels of quality and innovation.

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