Stop Overpaying. Start Switching.

Stop Overpaying – Start Switching


Did you know you could save hundreds of dollars each year by changing your service providers for things such as your cell phone, internet, TV, banking and insurance?

Switching service providers or renegotiating your contracts makes providers compete for your business and can lower your monthly bills and help you get better products and services.

It’s time to switch and make competition work for you.

A 2020 survey showed Canadians can save a total of around $1,860 each year by switching or renegotiating their telecom, banking and insurance plans.Footnote 1

Yet, only 1 in 4 Canadians surveyed renegotiated their contracts or switched providers to take advantage of better deals and services.Footnote 2

It’s time to ask: is your service provider still the best choice?

Print this page to help you keep track of the end dates of all your telecom and insurance contracts, as well as your banking rates and fees. Hang it on your fridge or in your office as a reminder to shop around for the best deals.


Want to know how to make competition work for you?
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In a recent survey, the Competition Bureau found that Canadians could save around eighteen hundred dollars ($1,860) a year by renegotiating or switching their telecom, banking and insurance plans combined.
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Taking advantage of competition matters – here’s why!
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Let’s say you signed up for your car insurance more than a decade ago, and you haven’t shopped around since.
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In that time, other companies could be offering lower monthly fees or new and better services.
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You could be missing out on significant savings,
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or innovative services that may better meet your needs.
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In fact, we found that Canadians could be overpaying around two hundred dollars ($240) each year by sticking with their current car insurance plans.
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Every year the Competition Bureau calls on Canadians to take some time and ask: “Is my service provider still the best choice for me?"
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Exploring your options can save you and your family money.
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And it also encourages companies to compete for YOUR ongoing business. Stop overpaying, and start switching.
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Call your providers. Ask for better deals or offers.
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Shop YOUR business.
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When you switch, we all save.
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How much could you be saving?

Median estimated annual savings.

How much could you be saving?

Median estimated annual savings from switching service providers or renegotiating contracts:

  • Cell phone: $240
  • Television: $360
  • Internet: $300
  • Home Insurance: $360
  • Car Insurance: $240
  • Banking: $360

Why make the switch?

Service providers are constantly competing for new customers by changing their pricing plans and improving their products and services. If you aren’t paying attention, you could be missing out on significant savings, or innovative services that may better meet your needs.

Why are Canadians making the switch?

  • 53%: a better price or deal
  • 29%: better products or services

Does renegotiating your contract really work?

Yes! 7 in 10 Canadians surveyed who told their cell phone provider they were considering switching got a better deal.

Is it worth switching providers instead of renegotiating your contract?

It can be. In fact, for six services combined, you could save around $840 more a year by switching providers instead of renegotiating your contracts.Footnote 3

Is switching providers hard?

Switching providers is easier than you think. Comparison sites like the Bank Account Comparison Tool make comparing services, plans and prices across multiple providers easier.

8 in 10 Canadians surveyed who switched cell phone providers say it was easy to do. Depending on the type of service, your new provider may even be able to transfer your services for you.

“[Switching was] easy. Most of the work was done online and transfers were handled by the new bank.”

“I recently switched cellphone providers. It was much easier than when I switched 10 years ago.”

“Annual reminders of approaching renewal dates are key, as staying with one provider passively seems to assure double-digit price increases annually.”

Respondents to the Competition Bureau’s 2021 Switch Week SurveyFootnote 4

How do you switch providers or renegotiate your contract?

Here are five simple steps you can take to make sure you get the best deal.

Step 1: Check contract dates

Choose the best time to switch. If you’re on a contract, it can be shortly before your contract expires. If you’re not, find a month that would be easy for you to switch or at a time of year where there are good deals to be had.

Step 2: Compare services

Review your current service plan and monthly bills to see what’s included and how much you’re paying. Compare your current services to other offers available in the market. Use comparison sites to easily compare services from multiple providers.

If you’re unsure about a provider, ask a friend or family member who uses that provider for their experience or seek out independent reviews or satisfaction surveys online.

Step 3: Read the fine print

Familiarize yourself with the deadlines for cancelling your existing services, including when your billing cycle ends.

Before signing a new contract, make sure to read all the fine print to confirm what services are included, all of the associated fees, and the contract term.

For many services, you can switch your provider without having to contact your current provider to cancel your service. If your new provider is unable to transfer your service for you, contact your current provider to cancel your services.

Step 4: Switch or renegotiate

If you have found a better offer, make the switch. If you prefer to stay with your current provider, use the better offer to renegotiate your contract. You can find advice online on how to renegotiate with your provider, like tips on renewing and renegotiating your mortgage.

Step 5: Set a reminder to evaluate your services

Prices are always changing – what’s a great deal one year may not be the next. Set reminders to review your services, especially for those services that don’t have renewal or expiration dates.

Annual reminders synchronized with your billing cycles will help you plan ahead and remember deadlines for cancelling services. This can help to ensure that your services continue to meet your needs, at a fair market price.