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Canada Needs More Grocery Competition - Transcript

Transcripts of scene 1 to 13 – Canada needs more grocery competition

Title/Cover: Canada Needs More Grocery Competition
Visual: [Image on-screen: Animated text that reads “Canada Needs More Grocery Competition” with the Competition Bureau visual and logo.]

Scene 1
Audio: Recently, Canadian consumers have seen their purchasing power decline. This is especially true when buying groceries. In fact..
Visual: [Image on-screen: Anthony Durocher speaking on camera. Text on the lower two-thirds of the screen that reads: “Anthony Durocher, Deputy Commissioner, Competition Promotion Branch”.]

Scene 2
Audio: prices in Canada have increased at their fastest rates in more than 40 years.
Visual: [Image on-screen: A young woman in the frozen section of a grocery store, opening the fridge, choosing a product and placing it back.]

Scene 3
Audio: The Competition Bureau studied how implementing pro-competitive policies could improve outcomes for Canadians.
Visual: [Image on-screen: A man selecting frozen foods in a grocery store.]

Scene 4
Audio: We spoke with governments, grocers and experts...
Visual: [Image on-screen: Anthony Durocher speaking on camera.]

Scene 5
Audio: understand existing barriers to competition in Canada and to examine international best practices.
Visual: [Image on-screen: A business man leading a meeting in a boardroom.]

Scene 6
Audio: Our report makes recommendations on....
Visual: [Image on-screen: Anthony Durocher speaking on camera.]

Scene 7
Audio: all levels of government can take action...
Visual: [Image on-screen: A woman pushing a cart while talking on the phone in a grocery store.]

Scene 8
Audio: .... to improve competition....
Visual: [Image on-screen: Close-up of red tomatoes in a transparent plastic bag on a black conveyor belt at the cashier’s desk in a grocery store.]

Scene 9
Audio: the grocery industry.
Visual: [Image on-screen: Close-up of a woman’s hand typing on a cash register.]

Scene 10
Audio: Canada Needs More Grocery Competition. Read our report...
Visual: [Image on-screen: Anthony Durocher speaking on camera.]

Scene 11
Audio: learn how we are advocating for lower prices and more choices for Canadians.
Visual: [Image on-screen: An elderly man picking a tomato and giving a thumbs-up to the camera. The image then shows the front page of the report with text that reads: “CANADA NEEDS MORE GROCERY COMPETITION. COMPETITION BUREAU RETAIL GROCERY MARKET STUDY”]

Scene 12
Visual: [Image on-screen: Animated text that reads: “Visit for more information.”]

Scene 13
Visual: [Image on-screen: End screen with the Bureau logo and Government of Canada logo.]


In October 2022, the Bureau launched a market study of grocery store competition in Canada. The study explored how governments across Canada can promote greater competition in the retail grocery industry. More competition can lead to lower prices, more convenience, and more innovation.

A complete market study notice, including the scope of the study, was issued on October 24, 2022.

Final Report

The Bureau published the findings of its study in a report, Canada Needs More Grocery Competition, on June 27, 2023. The report makes recommendations to governments on how to meaningfully improve competition in the Canadian retail grocery industry.


Canada Needs More Grocery Competition: Competition Bureau Retail Grocery Market Study Report

Read the full market study report.