Formal harmonization and enforcement agreements

Below you will find a list of formal harmonization agreements that have been completed by the Consumer Measures Committee. Through harmonization agreements, all parties agree to introduce principles and then implement them in their jurisdictions.

Collection agencies

Harmonized List of Prohibited Collection Practices

A set of practices that collection agencies may not undertake.

Cooperative enforcement

Cooperative Enforcement Agreement on Consumer Related Measures

An agreement that helps information exchanges among consumer protection agencies.

Cost of credit disclosure

Agreement for Harmonization of Cost of Credit Disclosure Laws in Canada

A set of rules that govern the way credit providers advertise and disclose the cost of a credit product within a contract.

Direct sellers

Direct Sellers Harmonization

An agreement that ensures consumers of door-to-door goods and services receive a uniform, ten-day cooling-off period and clear disclosure of the contract.

Internet sales contracts

Internet Sales Contract Harmonization Template

A set of measures to protect consumers when they make online purchases.