Description of the district and the map

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The description on the Certificate of formation or the Petition for change of district must match the district outlined on the map that is part of the application.

The description of a board of trade's district must be recognizable as a geographical area within Canada. Use precise wording that best describes the district. The description can use:

  • names of towns, cities, villages, etc.
  • geographical references, such as roads and rivers
  • the four cardinal directions – north, south, east and west.


  1. Town, village or city alone
    • The Town of Deseronto
  2. Combination of towns, townships, regions, parishes and counties
    • The Town of Durham, the Townships of Normandy, Egremont and Glenelg in the County of Grey
  3. Multiple municipalities found in a regional county municipality (RCM)
    • The RCM Bonaventure and the RCM d'Avignon that includes the following municipalities: Cascapédia-Saint-Jules, New Richmond, Caplan, Saint-Alphonse, Saint-Siméon, Bonaventure, Saint-Elzéar, New Carlisle, Paspébiac and Hope
  4. Use of the four cardinal directions – North, south, east and west
    • The Town of Trenton and adjoining Territory; North to the communities of Batawa and Frankford; South to the small community of Carrying Place; West to Highway No.2; and East to Boundary Road
  5. Combination of townships and ranges
    • The townships 31 to 35 inclusive in ranges 18 and 19 and Townships 21 to 23 inclusive in ranges 20 and 21 all west of the Third Meridian in the District of XXXX
  6. Parishes
    • The parishes of Ste-Justine, St-Alexandre, St-Roch and St-Adolphe

A current district map must be provided with your application. Use a map with enough detail that clearly outlines each town within the district and the overall outer boundaries of the district.

You may use an electoral, Google or municipal map, or some other map that allows the territory covered by the proposed district to be clear and understood. We ask that the map to be on 8.5 in x 11 in (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm) paper (letter size) to make it easier to scan into our electronic system.