Corporation key will be required for CBCA annual return filing

A corporation key will eventually become mandatory for businesses incorporated under the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA) to file their annual returns. This security measure is intended to add a level of protection to your personal and corporate information.

Find out where to find your corporation key if you've misplaced it.

Take this step to file faster and easier

Did you know? With your corporation key, you can now link your corporation to your My ISED Account while filing a transaction on the Online Filing Centre. Once this action is taken, the corporation will be associated to your account and you will no longer need the corporation key to file.

This new feature simultaneously addresses the hassle around sharing a corporation key with members of a corporation, reduces the risk of misplaced keys and prevents the key from falling into the wrong hands.

Learn how to link a My ISED Account to your corporation.

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