Client satisfaction index (CSI)

In 2020, Corporations Canada implemented its first Client satisfaction index. Immediately after submitting a request for incorporation online, clients were invited to voluntarily participate in a survey to provide feedback in relation to their recent transaction. Responses were based on the process involved to fill out and submit their request for incorporation, as well as their possible interaction with a contact centre agent (if applicable).

Overall in 2020, 90% of clients would speak positively about their experience with Corporations Canada after a recent federal incorporation.

Why implement a client satisfaction index?

"A one-point increase in client experience measurement boosts the number of clients who were willing to comply, engage, advocate for, trust and forgive the organization."Footnote 1

In 2020 Corporations Canada conducted a client satisfaction survey to measure and benchmark the client experience, while identifying areas for continual improvement. Through research, Corporations Canada identified 6 key client satisfaction drivers. The client satisfaction index acts as a barometer and helps to guide Corporations Canada in optimizing service and products in support of federally incorporated companies in the Canadian business landscape.

Client satisfaction index results for 2020



I feel that the Corporations Canada representative treated me fairly



I am satisfied with the time it took to complete my request



Navigating through the online system was easy



The Corporations Canada representative was knowledgeable


Extra mile

The Corporations Canada representative went the extra mile



The Corporations Canada representative gave me what I needed

Benefits of having a satisfaction index

Tracking client satisfaction

Attribute a numerical value to client satisfaction to measure experience

Tracking progress and improvements

Measure client satisfaction index response to service and/or products offered to clients

Prioritize investments to benefit Canadians

Maintain alignment of service offerings with client needs

Client centric design

Ensure existing and the design of new services align with client vision


Use client satisfaction index as a barometer at launch of new services

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