Successor to the activities (Regulation 47)


Use this consent letter if the person proposing the corporate name will be the successor to the activities of the corporation with the confusing name. The proposed corporate name must have the year in parenthesis added to the corporate name (example – ABC (1995) Association).

  1. Consent to the use of the name; and
  2. UndertakeFootnote 1 to immediately dissolve or change its corporate name before the proposed corporate name is used.

As the consent is being given by a corporation, the signature must be of an authorized officer and must give his/her title.

The Director General, Corporations Canada
235 Queen Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H5

Re: Proposed corporate name of [Insert proposed corporate name]

[Insert name of corporation signing consent], a body corporate, hereby consents to the use of [Insert proposed corporate name] by a successor corporation provided the year of incorporation is in parentheses.

[Insert name of corporation signing consent] undertakes to dissolve immediately or to change its name before the corporation proposing to use that name begins to carry on activities under that name.

Signed in the city of space to insert city,
in the province of space to insert province,
on this space to insert day day of space to insert month, 20space to insert year.

space to insert signature

space to insert full name
(Print full name)

space to title of officer signing and the name of the corporation
(Insert title of officer signing and the name of the corporation)