Use of family name (Regulation 28 and 30)


Use this consent letter if the proposed corporate name includes a family name. Corporations Canada will consider if a reasonable person would look upon the word as a family name or not. If it is a family name, consent will be required.

Consent will not be required if:

  1. A reasonable person would not look upon the word as a family name;
  2. If the family name is the name of the person who signed the articles; or
  3. If the individual's name that is being used died more than 30 years ago although the applicant for the proposed corporate name will need to confirm that the individual in question has been dead for more than 30 years.
The Director General, Corporations Canada
235 Queen Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H5

Re: Proposed corporate name of [Insert proposed corporate name]

The undersigned, [Insert name of individual], residing at:

[Insert complete address]

hereby consents to the use of [his / her] name in the corporate name.

Furthermore, the undersigned declares that [he / she] has or had a material interest in the corporation.

Signed in the city of space to insert city,
in the province of space to insert province,
on this space to insert day day of space to insert month, 20space to insert year.

space to insert signature

space to insert full name
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