Not-for-profit corporations

Annual general meetings during COVID-19
Federal not-for-profit corporations have options regarding holding their annual general meeting during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read Annual meetings of federal businesses, not-for-profits and cooperatives during COVID-19 in 2021.

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Not sure if all not-for-profit corporations are the same? Read on to find everything you need to create and operate a not-for-profit corporation, or incorporate now.

Operating a federal not-for-profit corporation

Creating a not-for-profit corporation

What you have to do and how to do it.

Next steps following incorporation

You're incorporated, but now what?

The directors

The roles and responsibilities of the corporation's directors.

The members

The rights and responsibilities of the corporation's members.

Corporate records and filing obligations

Maintaining corporate records and how to keep your corporation in good standing.

Financial statements and review

Understand the requirements for a public accountant and the level of financial review for your corporation.


Creating and changing the rules that govern the internal management of your corporation.

Changing the structure or nature of the corporation

Making major modifications to your corporation or its activities.

Services, fees and processing times

A full list of our services, how much they cost and how long the process takes.


Tools and information.

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