CyberSecure Canada – Program Overview

Cyber attacks are on the rise as the digital economy grows, is your organization cyber secure?

Enhancing your organization’s cybersecurity is important to build and maintain trust with your customers and supply chain. CyberSecure Canada is a voluntary federal certification program designed to help your organization improve its cybersecurity practices and help you enhance your competitive advantage by letting your supply chain know you’re a trusted business partner.

1. Improve your cybersecurity knowledge

Access our free bilingual eLearning modules to learn about the security controls you need to implement to be eligible for certification. The modules, which each take 20 to 60 minutes to complete, are self-paced and designed for learners with minimal technical knowledge. Each module includes:

  • an explanation of the importance of the security control
  • a case study, highlighting what can go wrong without proper measures in place
  • knowledge checks and quizzes to test understanding
  • a summary of the certification requirements for each security control

Additional resources to support your learning, such as how-to guides, fillable templates and examples of policies and plans, are available on the CyberSecure Canada page.

2. Implement the security controls

Once your organization has implemented the security controls, you can apply for certification by registering on the CyberSecure Canada portal. The portal will allow you to assess your certification readiness, connect you with an accredited certification body and allow you to track your certification process.

3. Work with a certification body

A certification body (accredited through the Standards Council of Canada) will evaluate your implementation of the security controls. The certification body will consult directly with your organization to:

  • determine if your organization is ready to be certified
  • provide a cost estimate for your organization to achieve CyberSecure Canada certification
  • audit your organization’s implementation of the security controls

Building trust with customers, partners, investors and suppliers

Once your organization is certified, the Government of Canada will provide you with a CyberSecure Canada certification mark that is valid for two years. Display it on your website and in your place of operation to let your customers, investors, partners and suppliers know that you have taken action to protect your organization from cyber threats.