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November 1

iTech Toronto (Toronto)

This event will focus on Infrastructure, Cloud, Security, Data Centre, Virtualization and Mobility. An opportunity to stay up-to-date on latest technology trends, discover new products and services, see tech demonstrations, network, and attend sessions.

November 1-2

Cix Summit (Toronto)

CIX is Canada's largest annual startup investment conference that features startup presentations, keynotes, and panels of industry executives. Past speakers include Martin Basiri, CEO and Co-Founder of Applyboard, Claudio Rojas, CEO NACO, Rajen Ruparell, Chairman and Founder of Endy Sleep, among others.

November 1-3

FWD50 (Online)

An annual conference on the future of government technology, this year’s event will offer a blend of online workshops and an in-person conference.

November 1

Elevate Women National Conference 2022 (Ottawa)

This event is focused on advancing women's leadership and economic empowerment in Canada. The conference will:

  • Explore the impact of COVID-19 on women’s leadership
  • Facilitate dialogue about fostering a more inclusive workforce

Discuss strategies to advance women leaders

November 2

Deep Blue Forum 2022 (Ottawa)

With three surrounding oceans, Canada’s underwater defence and operational ability is vital. This event will examine Canada’s ability to operate in the underwater domain in coastal and maritime regions, providing government, military, and industry with a platform to learn about new trends, discuss emerging and disruptive technology, and forecast new developments.

November 2

EDCO Regional Economic Development Professional Development Event-Eastern Region (Gananoque)

Focussing on key themes revealed during the pandemic throughout eastern Ontario, this event features 4 workshops that will discuss the current landscape of economic development and the efficacy of tools and programs used to deliver support. The topics are:

  • Current and future trends of Economic Development       
  • Community Improvement Plans
  • Agri-Food

Tourism and BIA’s working together Post Pandemic

November 2

OH! Tourism Summit & Annual General Meeting (Various Locations)

Sustainable tourism is a theme at this year’s conference. The event will review regional highlights from the past year, and provide updates about OHTO’s current programs and activities. Participate virtually or in-person at an in-person streaming site. Review a spot at an in-person site by October 8, 2022. Locations are:

  • RENFREW: Renfrew Golf Club
  • MINDEN: Gull River Golf Club
  • GOLDEN LAKE: Sands on Golden Lake
  • CLOYNE: Hunter’s Creek Golf Club
  • PERTH: Mapleview Golfclub

November 3

Canadian Defence Marketplace (Online)

Canadian Defence Marketplace is a global platform that brings together industry and government leaders together for virtual business-to-business and business-to-government meetings. This is not a trade show. The virtual nature of the marketplace allows for secure, private, and unlimited 20-minute B2B and B2G meetings through video conferencing from wherever you are in the world.

November 3

AccelerateOTT 2022: Fuelling the Entrepreneurial Fire (Ottawa)

Since 2013, AccelerateOTT has supported and showcased local innovation founders, owners, investors and aspiring entrepreneurs.

November 3

The Intersection of Connected Transportation and Electrified Vehicles (Hamilton, Oshawa)

This event will explore the acceleration, adoption and opportunities for electrified vehicles and connected transportation in Durham. The event will discuss can how to advance smart and sustainable transportation via virtual keynotes and panel discussions with industry leaders like Toyota and Geotab. The event will feature the latest ventures, sector headwinds, technology milestones, and key challenges facing the future of the goods movement and the supply chain sector.

November 6

GICA 2022 Autumn Conference (Toronto)

This conference provides an opportunity for aerospace & defence leaders to meet, network, and generate connections with other industry leaders & government representatives.

November 7-9

Canadian Aerospace Summit (Ottawa)

This year’s Summit will again offer discussion and networking opportunities. The host organization is currently seeking speakers for topics such as the impact of innovation and technology, post-pandemic reality, future skills requirements.

November 7-9

Scaling Up Conference (Ottawa)

This event will discuss how Canada can sustainably take advantage of the emerging and competitive industrial bioeconomy, and how industrial bioeconomy products can lead to a more diverse economy that creates employment at the same time as preserving biodiversity.

November 7

The Art of Leadership (Toronto)

This conference discusses the changes that impact leadership today.

November 8-9

Blockchain Revolution Global (Toronto)

Co-hosted by the Blockchain Research Institute, this annual event is dedicated to educating and preparing attendees on the transformative abilities of blockchain technologies and its value for business, government, and society. The conference will cover the following tracks: applications of blockchain in supply chains, finance, healthcare, sustainability, digital identity, and government.

November 8

Niagara Economic Summit 2022 (Niagara-on-the-Lake)

Via 3 panel discussions, this event will discuss the region’s potential for economic success and propose actions promoting recovery. Panels will examine pandemic impacts on local business, supply chains, labour force, and housing.

November 8

Bet on Canada (Toronto)

This one day event will offer insights on scaling a business, raising capital, and driving innovation. Business leaders will share lessons learned and scale-up strategies. Speakers include representatives from WEtech Alliance and Shopify.

November 8

Decentralised Energy Forum (Ottawa)

The goal of the forum is to encourage collaboration through discussion on the latest trends in energy markets, consumer demands, and business growth potential. Attendees include representatives from the raw materials sector through to consumers. The goal is to activate industry collaboration, spark new business, and accelerate the transition to a net zero energy future.

November 8

Collaboration Day: AI for Manufacturing Challenge (Online)

NGen is launching a $50 million AI for Manufacturing (AI4M) funding challenge as part of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada's (ISED) Pan-Canadian AI Strategy. The goal of this event is to build collaborative partnerships that will lead to ground-breaking and enduring projects.

November 9-10

AI in Finance Summit (Toronto)

Learn about the latest advancements in machine learning tools and AI applications in the financial sector. Speakers will be experts in academia and industry and will share updates about recent breakthroughs in fintech applications.

November 9-10

WBE Canada Conference: Roadmap to Success (Toronto)

This event creates networking, training, and promotional opportunities for Canadian women-owned businesses, buyers and leaders from large corporate and government organizations.

November 9-10

Intelligent Cities Summit (Toronto)

This event is a platform for global municipal leaders and tech provers to reflect upon opportunities and challenges in making cities intelligent, liveable, and future-ready. Through panel discussions, keynote presentations and case studies, the summit offers a 360-degree view of building and maintaining cities of the future and the role that technology can play in this process. Topics include:

  • What makes a city truly Intelligent?
  • How has the concept of liveability changed?
  • How can cities balance service delivery and data privacy concerns?
  • Has work from home redefined the concept of cities?
  • What does the future hold for us?

November 10

Innovation Showcase 2022 (Hamilton)

This event offers entrepreneurs and investors opportunities to network and learn about securing funding. Panel discussions will discuss topics around commercialization, its opportunities, and the challenges of connecting it to research. Researchers and entrepreneurs will share their discoveries and start-ups developed at McMaster University.

November 10

The Evolution of Canadian Labour Markets: In Conversation with the Governor of the Bank of Canada (Toronto)

Governor Macklem’s keynote will discuss how current economic conditions are influencing the Canadian labour market, as well as the long-term trends that will affect labour markets in years to come. The Governor’s address will be followed by a Q&A moderated by PPF President & CEO, Edward Greenspon.

November 15-16

Immigrants in Tech - Summit 2022 (Toronto)

This event will unite the tech to support, celebrate, and hire immigrants in tech. Day 1 will be hosted at the Design and Day 2 will be online via Pheedloop. Previous speakers have included Mayor John Tory, the Hon. Sean Fraser, IRCC Minister, Claudette McGowan of TD, Humera Malik of Canvass AI, Kevin Magee of Microsoft, and Rola Dagher of Dell.

November 16-17

Best Defence Conference (Online)

Organized by a group of public-private partners, the Best Defence Conference discusses trends in manufacturing innovations, supply chains, and procurement in the Canadian defence marketplace. Speakers are specialists from government and private sectors, and the event will feature exhibitors and offer B2B and B2G networking opportunities.

November 16-17

SAAS North (Ottawa)

This annual conference for the Canadian SaaS ecosystem, has been recognized as the hub for rapidly-scaling SAAS founders and their team since 2016.

November 18

Economic Development Summit (TBD)

A day focused on Economic Development and Leadership, in the Leeds and Grenville, Valley Heartland regions.

November 20-22

Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference - East (Niagara Falls)

This conference will allow women in agriculture to network, learn, and discuss economic development opportunities in the agri-food industry.

November 21-23

Canadian Telecom Summit (Toronto)

This conference attracts suppliers, policy makers, regulators, customers and competitors to network and learn. Other topics covered are: cybersecurity, AI, cultivating an innovation economy, and more. The theme for 2021 was: New Era of Intelligent Connection: Embracing 5G Cloud and Edge for a Connected Everything Digital World. This year’s theme will be announced.

November 21-22

Reimagining Canada\'s Pharma Industry (Toronto)

Featuring keynotes from Health Canada and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, this event will review how drug manufacturers have adjusted their processes to address the pandemic challenges. This event attracts over 250 attendees each year, including senior representatives from various healthcare and biomanufacturing companies worldwide. Early bird tickets available until September 30, 2022.

November 22-23

Ontario Economic Summit (Toronto)

This year’s summit will focus on building Ontario’s growth agenda, exploring innovative policy solutions to the most pressing challenges, and discussing strategies to make the province resilient and competitive.

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic crisis have created an unstable environment for Ontario businesses. Meanwhile, existing vulnerabilities, such as inflation, labour shortages, and supply chain weaknesses, have been exacerbated by the global state of emergency. The event will discuss how Ontario can balance short-term demands with the need for strategic, long-term investments in economic growth to emerge competitive on the global stage.

This event is open to the public.

November 22-23

TIAC Tourism Congress (TBD)


November 22-23

TIAC Tourism Congress (Ottawa)

Through a series of strategic sessions, tactical advice, and networking opportunities, this event will provide insight into the economic recovery of Canada’s tourism industry, particularly the labour shortage, supply chain disruptions, and inflation.

Approximately 400 delegates attend this annual event.

November 24

Climate Economy: Building a Net-Zero Region (Toronto)

With the United States passing the Inflation Reduction Act, opportunities exist for the Toronto Region to participate and continue its lead in cleantech innovation. This event will discuss practical recommendations for embracing innovation and growing the region’s economy while reducing emissions.

November 24-25

Government to Business (G2B) (Online)

PAC is hosting a Government to Business (G2B) Information Fair and Workshop event. Businesses will have a unique opportunity to engage government officials, participate in various workshops, be informed about the Canadian Innovation programs and learn about services available to support their business.

November 30 - December 1

MaRS Climate Impact (Toronto)

MaRS Climate Impact is a new innovation conference that unites tech and finance leaders in the global cleantech ecosystem to discuss the acceleration of climate solutions. The event will examine the most promising innovations that encourage large-scale tech adoption in the transition to net-zero, and will showcase the platforms, partnerships and strategies needed to scale the most impactful solutions. Themes are:

  • Technology for impact
  • Busting barriers to scale
  • Global action

November 30

Fall Lecture 2022: Getting Real on Innovation (Ottawa)

Launched in 2006, the annual Fall Lecture explores the role that the public service plays in preserving society.

Despite having the highest share of post-secondary graduates in the OECD and ranking first in R&D performance, Canada’s human capital has not translated into sufficient private sector R&D, intellectual property, or commercialization. This lecture will explore the different policy perspectives needed to help Canada maximize its potential to remain globally and economically.

November 30

Teeny Tiny Summit: How does Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) support community economic development? (Online)

The Ontario Regional Economic Development for the Ontario Agri-food and Community division of ROMA will host a webinar that will explore ways in which communities are investing in diversity, creating a culture of equity, and removing barriers to ensure inclusion.



December 1

FFCON22 (Toronto)

The annual Fintech & Financing Conference and Expo showcases the latest industry developments. Now in its 8th year, this event focusses on opportunities to strengthen Canada’s fintech ecosystem, foster partnerships, and help fintechs launch, scale, and commercialize.

December 5

CAV Canada 2022 (Ottawa)

CAVs are revolutionizing how Canadians work, live, and play. In concert with  next-gen networks, cybersecurity, 5G, AI and machine learning, IoT, big data, and AR/VR, the are unleashing new possibilities.

CAV Canada will explore, pursue and create this future. Attendees include innovators, companies, investors, regulators, and other organizations driving the development, commercialization, and deployment of smart mobility solutions.

December 6

Aerospace Unplugged (Toronto)

Respected experts in the aerospace industry will lead discussion on current trends and forecasts covering commercial, defense, business, and regional markets. Networking opportunities will also be available.

December 6

iTech Fall 2022 (Online)

This event will focus on Infrastructure, Cloud, Security, Data Centre, Virtualization and Mobility. An opportunity to stay up-to-date on latest technology trends, discover new products and services, see tech demonstrations, network, and attend sessions.

December 8

Blackberry IVY L-SPARK Demo Day (Ottawa)

A showcase of four companies that accessed BlackBerry IVY to develop high-impact solutions leveraging in-vehicle data. Demo Day is an interactive, in-person event to celebrate the successful conclusion of the BlackBerry IVY L-SPARK Accelerator.



January 11

46th Annual Outlook: 2023 (Toronto)

For forty-six seasons, Canadian Club Toronto and the National Post have gathered expert panelists each New Year for a forecast luncheon on the economy, the markets and political issues that will affect Canadians in the year ahead.

January 22-23

ROMA 2023: Breaking New Ground (Toronto)

The 2023 ROMA Annual General Meeting and Conference will be back live and in person for the first time in 2 years. The conference will focus on critical rural municipal issues and innovation.



February 9

CENGN Summit (TBD)

A conference about disruptive networking technologies across Canada. This event is open to tech professionals, academic, and government to learn which technologies may have the largest impact on society.



March 6-8

Southern Ontario Tourism Conference (Hamilton)

This conference will offer insight into the challenges that tourism operators face in the current economic climate, and will provide opportunities to network and outline strategic goals in order to rebuild the region’s tourism sector. The event is open to all partners within the tourism ecosystem including industry, academia, and government.

March 28-29

Global Capital Summit (TBD)

Discussions about the decisions and risks involved to invest in innovative, high growth companies.