WipWare Inc: A North Bay company that “measures up” globally

Looking at the big picture


WipWare Technical Specialist Kevin Rivard performs quality control checks on WipWare’s Photoanalysis Systems.

"Because you can't manage what you can't measure", is more than just a catchy marketing brand or corporate slogan. For an innovative software and systems technology company based in North Bay, Ontario, it is a plain-spoken and proven philosophy. Nearly 20 years ago, WipWare Incorporated was hatched from a research laboratory at the University of Waterloo with a commercialized imaging process specializing in "optical granulometry of fragmented material." That's a fancy term for a photoanalysis or imaging technology that today helps industries from mining, forestry and agriculture to explosives and aggregates to accurately measure materials in real-time for greater efficiencies and more cost-savings.

In the mining sector, for example, WipWare's photographic fragmentation software is assisting mines and mills to optimize blast procedures, improve plant conveyor throughput and increase production. Digital images are used to measure how much rock is broken up when it's blasted. By fine-tuning the rock blasting or crushing procedures, based on quantitative data, mining companies are realizing significant savings in energy costs and equipment maintenance.

WipWare Inc. has become a world leader in the photoanalysis of fragmented material. "Whether in the field, the laboratory or on the production line, we work with our clients", says Tom Palangio, President of WipWare Inc. "Our equipment and technology are ever-evolving so we can meet their industry requirements." WipWare's business is ever-expanding, as well. With an established client base in Northern Ontario's mining supply sector, the company now exports much of its technologies and systems globally through a distribution network consisting of 24 distributors in 18 countries.

Servicing what they sell


WipWare Inc. regularly hosts training seminars for customers to learn how to effectively operate the company's latest photoanalysis software technologies. WipWare sells its software systems and products in 18 countries around the world.

WipWare Inc. also works hard at staying in the forefront of industry-leading photo analysis software technology by employing bright, young minds from the North. The company's newest employee was recently hired through FedNor's Youth Internship Initiative. Over the next year, the intern will support the development of WipWare's next generation photo analysis system. Another FedNor Youth Intern hired in 2011, is a permanent employee, also working as a technical specialist. "WipWare is proud to partner with FedNor to create employment opportunities for talented young graduates", says Mr. Palangio. "Having another technical specialist on board will enable us to continue developing our innovative product lines." Since its inception, FedNor has helped more than 1450 young graduates obtain that crucial first job experience in Northern Ontario, while providing countless local organizations with access to a qualified and talented workforce.

As WipWare Inc. continues to develop and deliver cutting edge photoanalysis products to its customers world-wide, it also plans to keep building on its operations at home by expanding its manufacturing capability and knowledgeable staff. For a small company from North Bay, that's a solid measure of success by any standard.