Our delivery partners

FedNor supports and collaborates with organizations that are dedicated to the success of entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Northern Ontario. With sector- and community-specific expertise and resources that open opportunities for new and existing businesses, these partners are key proponents of the Northern Ontario innovation ecosystem.

The following organizations and programs may offer funding, support or services like training, mentorship, networking, acceleration, workspaces and advice to help your Northern Ontario business start, grow, innovate and succeed.

Community Futures Development Corporations: Through its Community Futures Program (CFP), FedNor supports 24 Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDCs) located throughout Northern Ontario. These community-based, not-for-profit organizations are staffed by professionals and are each governed by local volunteer board of directors familiar with their communities' needs, concerns and future development priorities.

PARO:  The PARO Centre for Women's Enterprise is a not-for-profit, women's-centered community economic development organization, committed to women's entrepreneurial and business development in Northern Ontario.  PARO delivers programming to enhance women's micro-enterprise development, including business skills training, networking, partnership development, mentoring, access to information and access to capital primarily through peer lending circles.

Responsive Advancement in Meat Processing (RAMP) is for Northern Ontario abattoirs and free-standing meat processing plants.  RAMP is a comprehensive approach to the sector that provides advisory support, expert consulting and funding for eligible projects. The RAMP Program is in response to the continuing high demand from consumers and farmers for locally sourced meat.

Northern Ontario Exports Program provides timely financial assistance up to $10,000 ($21,000 for training) to help export-ready small and medium-sized enterprises, industry associations, and not-for-profit organizations from across Northern Ontario to kick open the doors to new markets, including for market research, marketing, and trade missions.

Regional Innovation Centres: FedNor works with Regional Innovation Centres ( RICs ) and a comprehensive network of business incubators and accelerators dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and start-ups develop, improve and market their business and/or products..

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Networks: FedNor funds Information and Communications Technology Networks (ICTs) across Northern Ontario that can help businesses get connected with the right technology. Workshops, seminars and conferences are held to help others understand the benefits of ICT use. This training can help you learn the skills your business needs to take advantage of this technology.

Bioenterprise is a community of entrepreneurs, researchers, accelerators, and partners committed to driving innovation across Canada in the agri-tech and food industry. It helps businesses overcome common barriers by connecting them to the contacts, services, and funding sources they need to accelerate their business.

Indigenous Tourism Ontario: Indigenous Tourism Ontario focuses on uniting communities, Indigenous organizations and industry leaders to support the growth of Indigenous tourism in Ontario. Members have the opportunity to participate in ITO marketing, sales, and business development programs.

FPInnovations offers services to help forest products manufacturers improve their productivity. Experts work closely with clients in the forest operations, pulp and paper, and wood products sectors to help them improve their performance and efficiency, as well as create a significant impact for their business, regardless of their size.

Ontario WoodWorks provides technical support to construction projects with wood, as well as training and education to practitioners.

Cultural Industries Ontario North (CION) is dedicated to fostering and promoting the music and film industries in Northern Ontario, as well as providing educational programming to cultivate the advancement of Northern Ontario’s emerging talent.
Specific efforts include: expansion of opportunities to showcase Northern Ontario artists throughout the music, comedy, television and film industries; act as first point of contact and coordination for industry-related inquiries from professionals and production companies; market the region as a venue for quality productions through organization, promotion and implementing periodic festivals and workshops; and nurture the growth and development of local and Canadian comic and other artistic talent.

Tourism Excellence North (TEN) is a suite of training solutions designed to strengthen the ability of tourism operations to respond to changes in the marketplace, adapt to quality visitor expectations, develop innovative experiences that raise the bar on visitor value and deliver increased returns for operations and the destination as a whole.
TEN strategically guides investment into tourism development holistically over the long term. TEN is aligned to support priorities for tourism development in Northern Ontario, specifically those of Destination Northern Ontario.

The Sustainable New Agri-food Products and Productivity (SNAPP) Program is an initiative of the Rural Agri-Innovation Network (RAIN), and supports northern Ontario agriculture and food producers, businesses, collaborations, communities and First Nations with contributions of up to $10,000 and 50 percent to create new products, enhance productivity and increase efficiency or resource use, reducing ecological impact and carbon footprint while fostering growth.