Canada's Advanced Manufacturing Cluster

Based in Ontario, the Advanced Manufacturing Cluster is building up next-generation manufacturing capabilities, such as advanced robotics and 3D printing. Ultimately, the cluster is positioning Canadian companies to lead industrial digitalization, maximizing competitiveness and participation in global markets. Worldwide, 'Made in Canada' is being recognized as excellence in innovative manufacturing.

Total funding: up to $427M

Technology focus: Internet of Things, machine learning, cybersecurity, additive manufacturing (3D printing)


Expected economic impact

Expected economic impact
GDP impact over 10 years (in billions) Job creation over 10 years
More than $13.5 billion More than 13,500 jobs

Program Streams:

  • High Potential Technology Development — Developing and scaling new technologies with significant commercial potential.
  • Ground Breaking Process Transformation — Adopting advanced technologies to transform existing manufacturing processes.
  • Technology Diffusion — Expanding the user base for new and unique applications of technologies developed in Canada.
  • Ecosystem Development — Support for training, collaboration, and the development of tools and test beds.
  • SME Capacity Building — Strengthening and scale up for SME partners.
  • COVID-19 response

Canada's Cluster projects

Canada's Cluster projects: COVID-19 response

Read the Advanced Manufacturing 2020-2021 annual report

Contact information

Website: Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen)