Canada’s AI-Powered Supply Chains Cluster (Scale AI)

The Scale AI Cluster is bringing the retail, manufacturing, transportation, infrastructure, healthcare and information and communications technology (ICT) sectors together to build intelligent supply chains, scaling large and small organizations along the way. Links between businesses is becoming faster and easier as new tools see and predict where and when products are needed, and sales are increasing as they work together in real time. Ultimately, the Scale AI Cluster is making Canada a global export leader—boosting industry performance by leveraging AI technologies, capturing new market opportunities and ensuring Canadian made products and services are first to market.

Total funding: up to $284 million

Technology focus: Artificial intelligence for supply chain resilience

Ecosystem benefits: The Scale AI Cluster plays a significant role in supporting the development of a healthy innovation ecosystem. They are nurturing and developing a membership network that span the country, networking and capacity building activities as well as unique collaborative initiatives. For example:

  • The Scale AI Cluster is supporting start-ups advancing the commercialization of their products and services. The Cluster is going beyond financial support by matching start-ups with their first commercial buyer to accelerate market adoption.
  • The Cluster has designed their business model and service offerings to maximize their impact on its innovation ecosystem. Their cohesive offerings work in unison to fuel growth, by providing organizations from start-up to multinational enterprises (MNEs) in the AI space, with end-to-end support, access to expertise and resources at all stages of an organization's AI journey.

Program Streams:

  • Industry-led projects — Drive adaptation and adoption of AI-powered solutions across sectors. Develop, commercialize, and productize AI-powered products and services applied to advanced supply chains management.
  • Acceleration — Support start-ups and SMEs scale-up by providing access to different programs and supports and actively match them to commercial partners and investors across Canada or abroad.
  • Workforce Development — Support customized and upskilling training programs to bolster the level of AI/digital literacy.
  • Ecosystem showcase and global presence – Establish Canada as an indisputable global hub for AI; dedicated to business productivity and intelligent supply chains.

Canada's cluster projects

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