Universal Broadband Fund - E-blast # 7 – February 2021

To help you make the most of the extension of the intake period to March 15, 2021 at 12 PM – noon – (PST), the Universal Broadband Fund team would like to bring the following to your attention:

  • Following the change in the deadline of the regular UBF intake period, we remind you to update your project start and end dates accordingly. Ultimately, program officers will contact applicants whose projects have been successful to establish the effective start and the completion date for selected projects; however, you are encouraged to identify dates that are as close to reality as possible. As indicated in our Application Guide, please note that all expenditures incurred prior to the Contribution Agreement effective date may be considered ineligible.
  • We encourage applicants to submit their applications several days before the deadline to avoid technical problems. Unlike the Rapid Response stream, the regular UBF program aims to select the strongest projects from all those submitted – which is why it is important to provide as much information as you can under the comparative criteria. If you have already submitted your application, and you believe it could be improved, you may withdraw your application without risk of penalty and resubmit by March 15 with updated information.
  • As stated in the Submitting a UBF application package section of our Application Guide, it is the responsibility of applicants to ensure that they are using the most recent version of our templates and forms when they submit an application. Please note that we have made modifications to a few of the templates in the last several weeks. To ensure you are using the correct version of a template, go to your Applicant Portal and click on the "UBF Templates" section accessible from the header menu. If the "Last Updated" date is after you completed the template, you will need to complete the newer version. If you have any questions please contact the Pathfinder service.
  • The Pathfinder service has also added webinar sessions in both official languages over the next four weeks. Please register at least 24 hours in advance by writing to get-connected@canada.ca. Please note that it is possible to "register for all remaining webinars in my language of correspondence". All webinars will commence at 1 PM (EST). The themes that will be discussed during the next English sessions are the following:
    Understanding Key Comparative Assessment Criteria 16-02-2021
    Using the Eligibility Mapping Tool 18-02-2021
    Avoiding mistakes and having an application package in order 23-02-2021
    Developing a project in Indigenous communities 25-02-2021
    Using the Eligibility Mapping Tool 02-03-2021
    Understanding Key Comparative Assessment Criteria 04-03-2021
    Developing a project in Indigenous communities 09-03-2021
    Avoiding mistakes and having an application package in order 11-03-2021
  • For applicants who have submitted projects to the Rapid Response Stream, please note that assessments are well underway and projects have begun to be publicly announced on our Selected Projects page. Though it was only open for a few weeks, we received more than 575 applications for this program. Remember: Rapid Response stream applications that are not successful will NOT be transferred to the regular UBF because the documentation is different. While we have made good progress, if you have not heard yet about your application we encourage you to apply to the UBF by filling in the appropriate forms and templates.

In short, our team encourages you to take advantage of the extra few weeks that are now available to you to develop the best possible application and we wish you good luck with the projects you submit to our program.

Still have questions? Contact us at get-connected@canada.ca