The Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative (SADI) (00831)

The Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative supports strategic industrial research and pre-competitive development (R&D) projects in the aerospace, defence, space and security (A&D) industries.

Launched on April 2, 2007, initiative was developed with three key objectives in mind:

  • to encourage strategic R&D that will result in innovation and excellence in new products, services, and processes;
  • to enhance the competitiveness of Canadian A&D companies; and
  • to foster collaboration among research institutes, universities, colleges and the private sector.

By investing in strategic R&D projects, SADI contributes to the development of technologies that focus on next-generation products or services, build on Canadian strengths, and enable Canadian companies to participate in major platforms.

SADI is administered with high standards of transparency and accountability by the Industrial Technologies Office. All project applications undergo extensive evaluation using a clear and rigorous process with published assessment criteria. These criteria include the company's ability to achieve the stated objectives, the project's technology benefits, and the expected social and economic benefits.

SADI and its predecessor programs has contributed to creation of a world world-class aerospace industry that is 5th in the OECD in manufacturing sales and Canada's second most innovative in terms of its investment in research and development.

This program demonstrates the government's commitment to promoting excellence and accelerating innovation in Canada. The benefits of SADI include leveraging private sector investment in R&D, attracting foreign investment to Canada, encouraging collaboration and technology transfer, and developing a highly-skilled workforce.

Canada's A&D industries are recognized around the world for producing leading-edge products and services. Domestically, these industries are important economic drivers in regions across the country and are collectively significant players in the development of Canada's knowledge-based economy. Among the world leaders, Canada's A&D industries offer competitive and innovative solutions and are backed by a highly skilled workforce.