Success Stories - Norsat International Inc.

The Company

Norsat International Inc. is a leading provider of innovative communication solutions that enable the transmission of data, audio and video for challenging applications in harsh environments. Through its Sinclair Division, Norsat is also a leading provider of Radio Frequency antenna and radio frequency conditioning products, systems and coverage solutions for public safety, defence and private wireless networks.

SADI Project

Over the five-year research and development (R&D) phase, the project covered a range of activities from basic research through technology development in support of the development of portable satellite terminals, microwave components and wireless antenna and signal conditions systems.

Norsat parabolic antenna

Norsat parabolic antenna

Due to the SADI project, Norsat is now able to offer leading-edge products and services based on innovations in portable satellite terminal development that are lighter, more compact, easier to use, and less expensive. As well, by offering improved capabilities, such as multi-bandwidths and increased bandwidth capacity, Norsat terminals can effectively meet a wide range of needs including military, search and rescue, television services and satellite telephone services. Norsat incorporated an easy-to-use intuitive graphical interface, including downloadable iPhone/Android applications for Smartphone operating systems, making signal alignment and acquisition easier for novice operators.

The company has successfully commercialized over 20 new products including its flagship line of portable satellite terminals: GLOBETrekker 2.0™ SigmaLink™ and Rover™; all which are more field serviceable and faster to deploy while maintaining their rugged design.

This has resulted in a diversification of Norsat's client base beyond the military, including opportunities in emergency response, transportation and the resource industry. To date, the research and development project has enabled the company to generate over $11 million in revenue.

We have been able to grow our customer base, offer the best value and provide a clear advantage over large players in the market that can only offer a defined product line; we offer timely customized solutions and keep on innovating to stay ahead of the curve.

Dr. Amiee Chan, President and CEO, Norsat International Inc.

The SADI project allowed Norsat to deliver a focused R&D effort to meet customers' needs, for intelligent and user-friendly terminals.

Other wider benefits and impacts will result from the SADI project. The improved, easier to use ground stations have the ability to provide or supplement communications in emergency situations where other forms of communications, such as land lines or mobile telephone systems, are either unavailable or degraded. Norsat systems have the potential to contribute directly to improved safety in such situations.

With the improvements executed by the SADI project, satellite ground stations are available for use by the First Nations Emergency Services Society of British Columbia as hubs for both cell phone operations and high-speed internet access. This was not previously available and resulted in social and economic benefits in remote northern communities. In addition, with the ability to deploy these systems on vehicles and ships, they can be used for national security/sovereignty purposes.

In Summary

The SADI contribution to the R&D project has allowed Norsat to increase its overall competitiveness in the global market place. Norsat is regularly approached by new customers interested in its leading-edge communication solutions.

SADI support for research and development in satellite technology is helping Canada to maintain an international reputation for excellence in satellite communication and build on Canadian strengths in the satellite industry with both military and commercial applications.

We are what we are today – a leading–edge innovator offering Canadian technology around the world – due to the SADI project support. It has given us the resources to undertake R&D activities at a speed and scope that we would otherwise not have been able to do and this is essential to stay competitive in our industry sector.

Dr. Amiee Chan, President & CEO, Norsat International Inc.