Success Stories - SkyWave Mobile Communications

The Company

SkyWave Mobile Communications is a global provider of satellite communication equipment and airtime services for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. SkyWave's products provide communications, tracking, monitoring and remote management of fixed and mobile assets anywhere in the world.

SADI Project

The SkyWave SADI Project involved research and development (R&D) in the area of enhanced supply chain security and new commercial satellite-based tracking applications.

Through the SADI project, Canada and Skywave in particular, will continue to be positioned as innovative leaders. SkyWave went beyond what was originally envisioned when this project began by successfully integrating the various R&D work packages to launch an innovative satellite communications product and service offering called IsatData Pro, a new low data rate service for managing and communicating with remote and mobile assets around the world.

IsatData Pro is a real game changer for our clients, for Inmarsat and for us. It enables organization to stay in-touch with remote assets and workers, where previously, this was technically impossible or prohibited by cost.

The company now has an opportunity to vigorously pursue new business prospects particularly in the growing M2M market that is currently under-served by providers that cannot match the increasing data demands. A whole new customer portfolio is emerging for Skywave – the IsatData Pro has applications in industrial sectors such as transportation commercial fishing, search and rescue, energy/utilities and industrial control systems.

IsatData Pro is ideally positioned to meet the needs of exploding Smartphone and M2M markets and is an example of how satellite communication enables more services cost-effectively.

Robert Landsfield, CEO, Skymira (Skymira Introduces IsatData Pro Service to its Portfolio,)

The SADI project has enhanced the R&D capacity and skills of SkyWave personnel, and created new training opportunities related to the technology innovation and the emerging new customer base.

Other wider benefits and impacts will result from the SADI project. The new SkyWave product IsatData Pro and related services will increase the efficiency of the transportation system by optimizing route selection, generating energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Tracking and monitoring will provide for increased security of goods and reduce personal risk from theft and/or assault. Applications of IsatData Pro to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of search and rescue efforts could also lead to increased personal safety.

In Summary

Skywave Logo

Skywave Logo - Introducing IsatData Pro - More data. Faster. Globally.

With the SADI financial support, SkyWave undertook research and development that resulted in the successful commercial launch of an innovative product, the IsatData Pro. The company is now providing a cost-effective, leading-edge satellite communication solution that closes the gap on terrestrial coverage for both mobile and fixed assets and, is improving the reliability of M2M communications. This has resulted in commercial success with the sale of over 50,000 IsatData Pro units to date. With the high payload, and low latency power consumption and cost, Skywave has a competitive advantage that is already being widely recognized by customers and industry leaders.

SADI support was beneficial in allowing Skywave to accelerate both the schedule and scope of its research and development project (reducing it from 5 years to 3 years). This permitted Skywave to address new market opportunities in a timely manner, building on its leadership position and improving its overall competitiveness in the global market place.