Industry Advisory Committee Terms of Reference


The Industry Advisory Committee will provide advice to Senior Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada officials regarding the Technology Demonstration Program (TDP) and its application process.


The committee will provide informed advice to senior Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada officials regarding:

  • the pertinency of the design of the TDP program;
  • the application process and its associated forms and guides; and,
  • Industry, applicant and participant feedback.


  • Chair: Executive Director, Industrial Technologies Office
  • Secretary: Selected by the Chair
  • Members: Original Equipment Manufacturer (selected by AIAC)
    • Original Equipment Manufacturer (selected by CADSI)
    • Medium-sized enterprise (selected by AIAC)
    • Medium-sized enterprise (selected by CADSI)
    • Small-sized enterprise (selected by AIAC)
    • Small-sized enterprise (selected by CADSI)
    • AIAC Representative
    • CADSI Representative

AIAC and CADSI will advise Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada of their representatives and selections for Industry members annually, at the request of the Department. Members may be reappointed without limit.

Each Committee member shall identify the person representing it, and an alternate.

Timing of meetings

Meetings will be held as required, with a minimum of one meeting per year.