Backgrounder - Technology Demonstration Program


Technology Demonstration Program

The Honourable James Moore, Minister of Industry, today launched the new Technology Demonstration Program that will fund large-scale technology demonstration projects.

The creation of the Technology Demonstration Program, which was announced in Economic Action Plan 2013, fulfills a key recommendation made in Beyond the Horizon: Canada's Interests and Future in Aerospace, the report resulting from the Review of Aerospace and Space Programs and Policies led by former Cabinet minister David Emerson.

In keeping with the recommendation made in the Emerson report, the government will support large-scale research and development projects that leverage private sector investment of sufficient scale to accelerate innovation. Projects funded through this program are expected to be the basis for next-generation manufacturing and services in Canada. The government will support a concentration of technology development in areas with significant potential for broad-based and long-term economic benefit to Canada.

Large-scale demonstration projects require the integration of many technologies and the coordination of activities and resources from many partners.

Projects must be led by an original equipment manufacturer or a Tier 1 integrator. These companies will bring together small and medium-sized Canadian-based companies to promote the development of supply chains as well as Canadian universities and colleges or their affiliated research institutes to promote knowledge transfer.

The program will cover up to 50 percent of eligible project costs, including equipment located in broadly accessible hubs to fuel innovation.

There will be an annual call for applications. In each application cycle, more than one project may be supported, but generally no more than three. The maximum funding that may be allocated in each application cycle is $54 million.

Statements of interest for the first intake into this new program are due by December 6, 2013. After these statements are evaluated, a number of applicants will be invited to submit full proposals.

Evaluation criteria will consider such factors as the ability to leverage investment, the number of project partners, the potential of the project to result in economic benefits for project partners and the potential for benefits to spill over into other sectors of the Canadian economy.

An advisory committee with industry and relevant expertise will be established to provide annual feedback on program design, delivery and results.

For more information on the program, please visit the Industrial Technologies Office website.