Video: Canada’s Digital Charter – Supporting our digital economy


We live in a new digital world - one that doesn’t just mean the development of new information and communications technologies, but one that is continuously transforming across all sectors and aspects of our lives. The digital economy, is Canada’s economy and the future is indeed digital.

The global pandemic has only accelerated this transformation as we see more and more small businesses and individual Canadians moving their activities online.

For citizens to prosper and benefit from the digital economy we need to ensure that they have confidence that their data is protected and trust that their privacy is being respected.

Properly balancing innovation with trust and privacy requires thoughtful and considered action. To assure our citizens that we’re striking the right balance, Canada has created a Digital Charter.

Canada’s Digital Charter sets out principles to ensure that privacy is protected, data-driven innovation is human-centred, and Canadian organizations can lead the world in innovations that fully embrace the benefits of the digital economy.

As an important step towards realizing the charter, we have introduced new legislation to protect Canadians’ personal information, examining new ways to protect a fair and competitive marketplace, and examining changes to copyright laws to balance the interests of creators, users and platforms.

Canadians must be able to trust that their personal information and that of their children is protected, that their data will not be misused, and that organizations operating in this space communicate in a simple and straightforward manner with their users.

We want everyone to feel comfortable taking advantage of every opportunity as Canada leads the way into our digital world and future.