Canadian Free Trade Agreement

Canadian Free Trade Agreement

We want all Canadians to enjoy the best of what this country has to offer.

Canadian Free Trade Agreement: better options, better prices, better opportunities

Better access

While you can easily cross from one province or territory to another, some goods—like beer, wine or meat pies—can't easily be sold across provincial or territorial borders. Other goods—like septic tanks and doors—have to meet different requirements or fire-protection ratings in order to be lawfully installed. Why? Over time, governments have introduced different standards, regulations and policies that vary across provinces and territories.

We're working on aligning these rules across provinces and territories, and that will help improve your access to Canadian products and services.

Better prices

We all want to provide for our families, and every dollar spent adds up. Aligning standards and regulations for everything from water heaters to dishwashers could reduce the costs of making the things you buy, which translates into valuable savings on everything from heating to housing.

Take your fridge, for example. Right now, you likely pay a bit more for it because it has different certification requirements in different provinces/territories. We're working toward reconciling these requirements to align rules for companies and to save you money.

Better opportunities

Dental hygienists, insurance adjusters, carpenters, welders, plumbers. These workers often worry that it will be complicated or time-consuming to get their professional credentials recognized in another part of the country so they can work there. The CFTA includes provisions to ensure that occupational certifications are recognized from coast to coast to coast.

If you sell products or services in more than one province or territory, the Canadian Free Trade Agreement is about to open up a lot of possibilities for your business. How?

Better opportunities

Governments can make great customers, but it can be very difficult for companies to find and bid on government contracts across Canada. Thanks to the CFTA, construction companies, electrical contractors, architecture firms and advertising companies are just a few of the service providers that will have broader and easier access to government contracts from coast to coast to coast.

Better options

Do you buy Canadian ingredients or materials to use in your products or services? Get ready for more options. Canadian companies already trade with each other, and trade between provinces and territories is worth at least $385 billion every year. The CFTA will benefit firms across the Canadian economy, expanding choice and helping to boost growth.

Better access to markets

Governments will work together to align regulatory requirements, reduce duplicate paperwork and improve access to customers across the country. So thanks to the CFTA, you can focus on developing innovative new products and solutions, scaling up and taking your business across Canada or to the rest of the world.