COVID-19 Innovations: Testing Stream for government

What's available to test

Are you interested in Canada's top innovative solutions?

Through our Testing Stream, we hold Calls for Proposals to attract the latest prototypes from Canadian companies. We then match interested testers with qualified suppliers to create a symbiotic relationship, with the added benefit of trialing innovative solutions before everyone else.

The Testing Stream provides an opportunity to test drive cutting-edge products/services before they're commercially available, while the innovator receives valuable feedback on their performance and funding — a mutually beneficial relationship.

Why get involved?

With current challenges facing Canada such as COVID-19, cyber threats, and rising CO2 levels, we have a mandate to explore innovative ways to address our daily challenges. By testing an innovation you can address operational needs with new technologies; test, use, and assess the latest Canadian innovations, and take advantage of a streamlined procurement process.

Your input and advice are invaluable resources that will help Canadian companies bridge the pre-commercialization gap and launch their innovation into the marketplace.

Who can test innovations?

Any Government of Canada organization (including Crown Corporations) can test innovations.

Provinces, municipalities, hospitals, schools, and Indigenous organizations may also be testing partners (with a federal sponsor). We can help find a federal government organization to sponsor the test.

Annual Reports

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