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CEMWorks is a Winnipeg based company that strives to revolutionize the world of driving as we know it. A company that focuses on connected vehicles and smart cities, CEMWorks saw a perfect opportunity when they were notified through the Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) newsletter about the new Connected Vehicle and Engineered Surfaces challenge launched by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.

Importance of 5G

Connected vehicles are on their way to Canadian cities, and they will transform how people move around. In their application to the challenge, CEMworks proposed a comprehensive simulation platform for electromagnetic analyses of vehicles equipped with Frequency Selected Engineered Surfaces (FSES). The platform provides the necessary tools for simulation and deployment of FSES on vehicles in a virtual environment modeling the relationship between the car and the "smart city".

Cars being manufactured now have ways of communicating with one another, CEMWorks' innovation provides a service that can run simulations of this and investigate different scenarios. They provide physics simulators and make predictions of how these communications will interact with one another. This is crucial due to the fact that developing a model city without a simulation platform would be very costly.

Impact going forward

Not only could this have a major impact in the auto industry, since developing a model city without a simulation platform to predict proper outcomes would be far too expensive, it could also be in high demand in the health care industry.

CEMWorks is currently targeting potential beta testers, while also attending events and getting a deeper sense of this specific market. They figure there will be a huge demand going forward for this type of service.

ISC Impact

As they move towards completion of Phase 2, the funding allocated from ISC gave them the opportunity to hire more talent to accelerate the innovation and move even closer towards commercialization.

Their goal is ultimately to commercialize the innovation.