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New 5G Innovation

e2ip Technologies is a Montreal-based company that was created 30 years ago with a focus on control panels, such as ones found at gas stations, on airplanes and more. The company is constantly striving to extend its IP portfolio and saw a perfect opportunity when introduced to the Engineered Surfaces challenge, sponsored by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. The challenge sought to address the issue of radio frequency propagation and WiFi interference, specifically on building materials and construction products.

Their solution? Thin, semi-transparent structures capable of reflecting and diffusing radiofrequency waves without the need for small antennas or a source of energy.

From idea to prototype

 “When you’re a small business, sometimes you don’t have the resources to complete the proper research and access to the proper equipment to advance your innovation”, said Anna-Marie Marasliyan, Vice-President of Technology and Marketing at e2ip. That’s where Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) came into play.

Following their acceptance into Phase 1 of the challenge, they were quickly able to pull in experts from the Communications Research Centre to prove that their technology was feasible and functional, which later led them to an invitation into Phase 2 of the Challenge Stream program. “The cost of commercialization can sometimes be way too large”, stated Anna-Marie, which meant that Phase 2’s acceleration process allowed them to develop enough of a prototype to showcase to industry. The awareness generated by these previous advancements also led them to a presentation to industry experts at CENTECH in Montreal, Quebec.

Hard work pays off

A few months later, another milestone was achieved by the company as they landed a Best Innovation in Smart Cities Award for their prototype from the CES 2021 Innovation Awards provided by the Consumer Technology Association. The CES Innovation Awards program is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products.

When asked about the importance of the funding and advancements through the program, Anna-Marie stressed the fact that the funding allowed them to focus on their innovation. The collaboration with the Government of Canada also gave the innovation a form of validation and credibility.

What the future holds

e2ip is currently preparing their go to market strategy and are in discussion with a property management firm where they hope to have a permanent demonstration of the technology to provide visibility to potential customers. They will also be demonstrating this technology live at CES 2022. As they continue their path forward, ISC will be watching attentively as they continue to disrupt the telecom industry with their creative smart city innovations.