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When the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) launched a challenge looking for an innovative platform that could provide Canadians with immediate access to relevant, trustworthy, public health information, a small healthcare software company seized the opportunity, not knowing it would lead to the creation of a solution to ease physicians' workload.

“We always wanted to work on an exciting product, one that would be mainstream and used by all physicians. But as a small business, it was risky for us.” Said Mahshid Yassaei, CEO at Tali AI.  “This program and the funding that came with it removed that element of risk and opened the door for us to take on this challenge.”

When the team saw the challenge from the PHAC, they immediately saw the value and submitted a proposal to develop a natural language question and answer chatbot solution, which was selected by PHAC to move to phase one, Proof of Feasibility.

“For about six months, we worked closely with people at the Public Health Agency. We had a nurse practitioner, a physician and a project manager assigned to us. We had recurring meetings with them, asked a lot of questions, and we developed a prototype that would showcase the best results that we could deliver in terms of a question answering solution”, added Mahshid.

The company soon realized how such a tool could significantly improve the lives of physicians and health practitioners. They used the same question and answer engine to build Tali, a virtual assistant for physicians.

Tali is a voice-enabled electronic health record (EHR) assistant which provides physicians and other health practitioners easy access to trusted medical databases, patient medical records as well as a scribing tool to record notes. This innovative tool allows them to complete tasks hands-free while they focus on their patients.

“The program gave us the pre-seed investment and a lot of domain expertise, portraying a problem in front of us and connecting us to a lot of people that were actually experiencing that problem”, explains Mahshid.  “It gave us a push to actually build a prototype and get running with it.”

After their initial experience with ISC, the company reached out to WELL Health, the largest operator of outpatient clinics in Canada, who invested $1,000,000 in the product and signed a five-year strategic alignment agreement to provide Tali to more than 21,000 physicians in their network.

“If it wasn't for the Innovative Solutions Canada program, our company wouldn't be what it is now. It created many opportunities for us, and we are very grateful”, Mahshid added.

Tali is currently being used by more than 300 physicians at the point of care who are saving between 5 to 10 hours per month each.  The team is continuing to partner up with more Canadian EMR/EHR  and adding to Tali's skills as a virtual assistant to save physicians even more time.

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