COVID-19 and Your Business: Issue 4

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COVID-19 workplace safety

Below are some tips and tools to help you operate your business safely and raise awareness of protective measures you are taking to help slow the spread of the virus.


Stay safe while operating your business during the pandemic

Find information and resources to help protect your employees and customers.


Tailor your workplace safety plan to your business

Get free advisory services on adapting your workplace in line with public health guidelines.

Faster together

Let's work together to re-open our doors faster and keep them open

Getting vaccinated is the quickest way for all of us to re-open. Faster Together, a coalition of Canadian businesses and organizations, is promoting the COVID-19 vaccine – and you can help.

Access their free-to-use digital toolkit, which includes social media shareables, newsletter banners and more, to help get the word out.

Access Digital Toolkit

Government resources and supports

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Support for reopening

Find out how Budget 2021 will help your business make a strong recovery as the economy safely reopens.

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COVID-19 rapid tests for the workplace

Get info on rapid testing, find out where to get test kits and learn how to set up a testing program for your business.

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Financial support for businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic

Access programs to help your business during the pandemic.

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Business Benefits Finder

Answer questions to generate a tailored list of benefits for your business

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Census Small Business Hub

Census data resources to better understand your target market

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Canada Business App

Find government programs and services at your fingertips.

Together, we can get through this pandemic. For comprehensive information about the current COVID-19 situation, financial resources and vaccines, visit or call 1-833-784-4397.