COVID-19 and Your Business: October 2022 (Issue 18)

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50 – 30 Challenge: Your Diversity Advantage

Diversity in the workplace makes good business sense. Organizations that are more diverse are twice as likely to meet or exceed financial targets and eight times more likely to achieve better business outcomes. Whether you run a medium-sized enterprise, operate a small business or oversee a non-profit, you can find the support you need for building a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

Celebrate Cyber Security Awareness Month with CyberSecure Canada

Customers, partners, investors and suppliers need to trust that the valuable information they provide to your business will be secure. Canada's cybersecurity certification program can help protect your small or medium-sized business against cyber attacks.

Apply to the Women Entrepreneurship Loan Fund

The Women Entrepreneurship Loan Fund—a key part of the $6 billion Women Entrepreneurship Strategy—is delivering much-needed access to capital to women entrepreneurs across the country. Through selected delivery organizations, the program provides women entrepreneurs with up to $50,000 in loans and helps with business planning, training and loan aftercare.

Ongoing pandemic support

Stay safe while operating during COVID-19

Learn how to reduce the risk of transmission.

Canada's COVID19 Economic Response Plan

Discover supports for businesses and organizations.

Managing your business during COVID-19

Find resources, including financial support, loans and access to credit.

Government resources and supports

The Business Benefits Finder

The right programs and services for your business, all in one place.

Filing your T2 return as a corporation

Learn how to join the over 90% of corporations that already file their returns electronically.

Small Business Hub: Understand your target market

Explore your business territory and better understand your potential customers.

Get the Canada Business app

Federal, provincial and local government programs and services at your fingertips.

For comprehensive information about the current COVID-19 situation, financial resources and vaccines, visit the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) page or call 1-833-784-4397.