GC Business Insights: August 2023


Find answers to your top business tax information questions

Would you like to spend less time searching for tax information and more time on your business initiatives? The Canada Revenue Agency has answers to some of your top business tax information questions, all in one place.

Unlocking the potential of Canadian tourism

Great news! Canada has a new Federal Tourism Growth Strategy. The strategy will empower tourism businesses and position Canada as a prime destination for events, recreational and outdoor adventures, and Indigenous experiences. Learn more about how the strategy will position Canada as a global tourism leader.

Gain global recognition for your food and beverage exports

Calling all Canadian agriculture, food and seafood exporters! Introducing Canada Brand, a government-recognized national branding program developed to give your products an edge in competitive global markets. The free toolkit has digital graphics and stickers, taglines, video content and more to help with your international marketing efforts. Access it today!

Want to expand to global markets? EDC can help

Export Development Canada (EDC) provides financial and insurance services to help your company export to international markets. With a team of trade advisors and a global network of partners, EDC empowers you to expand your business beyond borders. Discover the wide range of solutions and expertise that are available to you.


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Revving Up Your Sales

Start growing your business today. Assess, optimize and digitize your sales process with this free guide.

Identify your IP assets

Keep track of your IP by creating an inventory and updating it routinely.

Use digital tools to protect your business

Prevent data breaches. Protect your business and customers. Act now!

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