Aliza Rudner

Aliza Rudner

Aliza Rudner

Senior Policy Analyst – Science and Research Sector

What is a typical day in the life of a policy analyst in the Science and Research Sector?

There is no typical day in my unit. One of the exciting things is that every few months brings something new! Often I'll review email requests, comment on documents, develop ideas, write briefing material, consult with colleagues and go to meetings. While that description may not seem terribly exciting, it's the topics we deal with that make the job so interesting.

In my position, I get to provide input on the department's budget based on its impact on science. I also analyze data on science and research initiatives that are supported by ISED to identify gaps and opportunities, explore what skills will be needed for the jobs of the future and suggest how ISED can help Canadians acquire new science-related skills.

Why do you love what you do?

Science is fascinating, and in this job we get insights into all areas of cutting-edge science and research, from AI to quantum computing to nanotech and more! We learn about the issues relating to science promotion, science and digital skills and upskilling, commercialization of research, and other topics that will be important to Canadians in coming years. It's a great mix of exploring and becoming familiar with a file and getting new files regularly.

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