Head of Human Resources: Statement of action against systemic racism, bias and discrimination in the public service

In order to contribute to the achievement of a diverse and inclusive workforce and workplace, where systemic racism, bias and discrimination are not tolerated, I commit to:

  • Become self-aware of personal biases and privilege, and how they impact my behaviours, decisions and advice;
  • Educate myself on the nature of micro-aggressions and eliminate these actions/inactions/words from my behaviour;
  • Practice active allyship by: facilitating the establishment of networks for members of BIPOC communities and other equity-seeking groups; enabling mentorship and sponsorship relationships; creating opportunities to include; and value the lived experience of equity-seeking group members in decision-making bodies;
  • Set an example for managers and employees to become self-aware of their own personal biases and privileges, and how they impact their behaviours and decisions;
  • Provide support and tools to managers and employees to address personal and systemic racism, biases and discrimination in their workplaces;
  • Seek out and challenge norms and practices that contribute to systemic racism, bias and discrimination, particularly in the areas of recruitment, assessment, hiring and talent management practices;
  • Advance the review of all organizational people management policies and practices to identify and correct systemic racism and barriers to members of BIPOC communities and other equity-seeking group members, in order to enable equitable participation by all employees; and
  • Enhance the feeling of belonging for members of equity-seeking groups by actively demonstrating and promoting respect for diversity, inclusive practices, and dignity for all.

The printed version was signed by:

Marc Morin
Director General
Human Resources Branch

January 5, 2021

Douglas McConnachie
Assistant Deputy Minister
Corporate Management Sector

December 11, 2020