Analyst jobs

Whether we’re continuing to work remotely or, learn, shop and access government services online, our analysts help roll out programs, policies and funding supports for high-speed Internet access. So all of us have better connectivity, no matter where we live.

As Canada’s analysts we make this a reality by delivering radio frequency spectrum policies that will pave the way forward.

What will you do?

As an analyst, you’ll support several programs such as:

  • Broadband programs: enhancing broadband connectivity and support for broadband infrastructure across Canada, including the North
  • Digital inclusion programs: focusing on making sure under-represented Canadians are able to participate in the economy without any digital barriers
  • Cyber certification, tech and talent programs: facilitating under-represented groups to participate in the economy by providing necessary access, tools and skills as well as raising overall cyber security awareness among Canadian small and medium enterprise; and
  • Spectrum management : overseeing spectrum and radio frequencies management and authorization, enforcement, fees, compliance assessment and audits

Typical duties may include:

  • assist in developing policies and procedures to maximize the benefits that Canadians derive from programs while ensuring that appropriate safeguards are in place and respected
  • producing briefing materials and recommendations on ongoing initiatives and emerging issues to senior management
  • explaining complex financial, business and/or technical issues for various audiences and

What else can you expect?

As part of our team, you’ll receive:

  • experience in public-facing programs
  • participation in implementing Ministerial priority files
  • ongoing feedback and on-the-job training
  • fair access to career development training, tools and programs to continuously progress on a professional and personal level
  • access to employeeled networks


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