Engineering jobs

From broadband networks and cell phones to autonomous vehicles and the Internet of things (IoT), our engineers make sure they all work together seamlessly.

We conduct technological research, collaborate with international organizations and partners to set global standards and guidelines, implement domestic regulatory frameworks, and work hard to bring leading-edge technology into the hands of Canadians.

As Canada’s engineers, we turn possibilities into realities!

What will you do?

As an engineer at ISED, you’ll work in areas such as:

  • International negotiations and standards development: how spectrum and telecommunications standards are used and for what
  • Cyber and network infrastructure security: keeping critical Canadian telecommunications infrastructure safe and secure
  • Compliance and safety: to protect Canadian health and safety, and ensure wireless products work together nicely
  • Access and affordability:  greater Canadian broadband access and bridging the digital divide
  • Research and development: ‘next’ next-generation communication systems, 5G and beyond, wireless propagation, artificial intelligence, data science, spectrum engineering

What else can you expect?

As part of our team, you'll receive:

  • on-the-job mentoring, training and support by world-class engineers;
  • a comprehensive career development program that will guide and develop you into a first-class engineer; and
  • a wide range of possibilities for engineering experiences, including: critical infrastructure protection, cyber security, research, development, licensing, policy development, and international engagements

Do you have a question? Don't see any current vacancies but would like to apply anyway? Email us at!