Measurement Canada authorized service providers

Measurement Canada ensures equity and accuracy where goods and services are bought and sold on the basis of measurement, in order to contribute to a fair and competitive marketplace for Canadians, by:

  • approving commercial weighing and measuring devices to ensure that they are designed to maintain their accuracy when being used in trade;
  • requiring that devices be inspected before their use in trade to ensure that they have been properly assembled, installed and calibrated; and
  • inspecting weighing and measuring devices to ensure that they continue to measure accurately and are not used in a fraudulent manner.

Measurement Canada ensures equity and accuracy where goods and services are bought and sold on the basis of measurement in order to contribute to a fair and competitive marketplace for Canadians.

What is an authorized service provider?

An authorized service provider is an organization that has been recognized by Measurement Canada. Authorized service providers must meet the requirements of either the Accreditation Program or the Registration Program to inspect and certify devices. Before these alternative service delivery programs were developed, inspection duties were performed only by Measurement Canada staff.

Is the Accreditation or the Registration program best suited for my organization?

Both programs enable private sector organizations to inspect and certify measuring devices. Accredited organizations must implement and maintain a quality management system. They can certify any device under the scope of their accreditation, regardless of the trade sector that the device is used in. For example, if the organization is accredited for the certification of truck scales, it can offer its services to the pulp and paper industry, the petroleum industry, or the grain industry. Registered organizations do not need a quality management system and can only certify devices for specific trade sectors.

The decision for an organization to opt for accreditation or registration will depend on the sector in which the organization is or wants to get involved in and the investment in resources that it is ready to make.

How are authorized service providers monitored by Measurement Canada?

In order to facilitate compliance, Measurement Canada monitors authorized service providers to ensure that the terms, conditions and requirements of the applicable program are being met. Audits, evaluations of technicians and follow-up inspections are performed to determine that the work done by authorized service providers is adequate.

What are the benefits for authorized service providers?

  • They can expand their scope as service providers by adding inspection and certification to the services they offer.
  • They are able to undertake inspection work at their own pace and are therefore less dependent on Measurement Canada for these activities.
  • They have the opportunity to further their knowledge of the rules and regulations that govern trade measurement in Canada.

What are the benefits for Measurement Canada?

The activity of overseeing the work of authorized service providers is less costly and time-consuming than inspections and therefore allows Measurement Canada to redirect its freed-up resources to areas that require more intervention.

Who is eligible to become accredited or registered by Measurement Canada?

Each program has special eligibility criteria. Generally speaking, most incorporated companies in Canada, the United States and Mexico are eligible.

How do I apply?

Measurement Canada will then review your application. If it's accepted, local Measurement Canada personnel will meet with your organization to determine the next steps.