Reporting the transfer of ownership of a measuring device

How to get started

To transfer ownership of a recently acquired measuring device used to sell measured goods, you need to notify Measurement Canada. This ensures that:

You can report your device using our online form or by calling our number.


When you acquire a measuring device, you need to notify Measurement Canada of the change in location and ownership of your device.

Before you start

You need to have the following information with you to report your device:

  • Serial number found on the device
  • Business name and legal name of the business
  • Address of the business
  • Address where the device is located
  • Contact information of the business that owns the device
  • Type of goods the device will measure

If available:

  • A device examination certificate that may be included in the packaging of your new measuring device.
  • A device transfer notice that may be included with the measuring device if the transfer of ownership occurred before you acquired the device.

How long it will take to process your application

Once you report the change in ownership or location, Measurement Canada will issue you a device transfer notice by email within 10 business days. You should keep the notice along with the device's current examination certificate.

Report transfer of ownership

Other ways to report a transfer of ownership

By phone

1-877-646-7525 or 613-948-8759

7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Eastern standard time

More information about this service

If your device is used to sell measured goods, it may be subject to mandatory inspection periods by sector and device type. If the ownership of a device has changed, the next inspection due date on the device transfer notice and the expiry date on the inspection sticker may not match. In this case, the next inspection due date on the device transfer notice is the one that applies. Your device will have to be reinspected before that date.

It is your responsibility to make sure your device:

  • measures accurately
  • is inspected on or before the next inspection due date